FESTIVALS: Tbilisi Film Festival 2021 Announces Lineup

    Brighton 4th by Levan Koguashvili Brighton 4th by Levan Koguashvili

    TBILISI: Nine titles have been selected for the Georgian Full-length Fictions Competition of the 22nd edition of the Tbilisi International Film Festival, which will take place in person 5 – 12 December 2021.

    Nine titles have also been selected for the Georgian Documentaries Competition, while the Georgian Shorts + Animation Competition was completed with 18 films.

    “After 2020’s online festival, we are proud that this year our festival will be back in Cinema Amirani, where the audiences will get a chance to experience films on a big screen and with a good sound system. The festival team has selected all the best film productions from all around the world, with most films screened twice, as the Cinema seats count is cut in half due to the Covid pandemic. Additional regulations will be in place: audience members will be asked to present their “Green Passports”, or negative PCR-test results before the screening; face-masks and social distancing in the halls is also mandatory. Nonetheless, we believe everyone will enjoy watching exceptional films together and have some time and space to discuss them afterwards”, Programme Coordinator Gurami Ghonghadze told FNE.

    The film festival combines masterclasses and film screenings. This year the festival will include only national competitions, although the audience will have the opportunity to attend film screenings from the following sections: European Forum, Americas, Horizons, Rebellion, and Made In Germany.

    Georgian Panorama Competitions

    Full-Length Fiction Competition:

    Brighton 4th (Georgia, Bulgaria, Russia, Monaco, USA)
    Directed by Levan Koguashvili
    Produced by Kino Iberica
    Coproduced by the Georgian Public BroadcasterArt Fest, Moskvich Films, KNM Monaco, Broken Cage Studio, Give Me Liberty Mfg
    Supported by the Georgian National Film Center, the Bulgarian National Film Center, the Cartu Foundation

    Late Autumn (Georgia)
    Directed by Gia Barabadze
    Produced by Shvidkatsa +

    Otar's Death (Georgia, Germany, Lithuania)
    Directed by Soso Bliadze
    Produced by MAISIS PERI

    Ursus (Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia)
    Directed by Otar Shamatava
    Produced by Fresh Production

    Veggie Garden in the Conflict Zone (Georgia)
    Directed by  Beso Solomonashvili
    Produced by BisStudia

    Wet Sand (Georgia, Switzerland)
    Directed by Elene Naveriani
    Produced by Maximage GmbH

    What Do We See When We Look At The Sky? (Georgia, Germany)
    Directed by Alexandre Koberidze
    Produced by DFFB

    Why Are We Together (Georgia)
    Directed by Ilo Ghlonti, Levan Ghlonti
    Produced by Studio Phonogram

    Winter Blues (Georgia)
    Directed by Tazo Narimanidze
    Produced by Film Asylum

    Documentaries Competition:

    Artist or Artisan (Georgia)
    Directed by Giorgi Tskhvediani
    Produced by Funder Nikoloz Abramashvili

    Dead Souls' Vacation (Georgia)
    Directed by Keko Chelidze
    Produced by Parachute Films

    Glory to the Queen (Austria, Georgia, Serbia)
    Directed by Tatia Skhirtladze
    Produced by Berg Hammer Film

    I Have No Wings (Georgia)
    Directed by Nino Memanishvili
    Produced by Studio CHVEN

    MSHT-15. Angel of Happiness (Georgia)
    Directed by Vakhtang Kuntsev-Gabashvili

    Pavilion (Georgia)
    Directed by Marita Tevzadze, Ana Jegnaradze
    Produced by Namimeter

    Stone of Hell (Georgia, Germany)
    Directed by Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze, Tekla Aslanishvili
    Produced by Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze, Tekla Aslanishvili

    Taming the Garden (Switzerland, Germany, Georgia)
    Directed by Salomé Jashi
    Produced by Mira Film

    Water Has No Borders (Georgia, France)
    Directed by Maradia Tsaava
    Produced by OpyoDoc

    Shorts + Animation Competition:

    10:45 (Georgia)
    Directed by Giorgi Gogichaishvili

    45 (Georgia)
    Directed by Tea Vatsadze

    Black Sea (Georgia, Portugal)
    Directed by Tinatin Emiridze, Khvicha Emiridze

    Chiatura (France, Georgia)
    Directed by Toby Andris

    Compassion (Georgia)
    Directed by  Zviad Tsikolia

    Delilah (USA)
    Directed by Nika Agiashvili

    Heatwave (Georgia, Croatia)
    Directed by Tornike Gogrichiani

    Homo Georgicus: Where is the Lost Land? (Georgia)
    Directed by Sandro Wysocki

    Microdistrict (Georgia)
    Directed by Giorgi Chalauri

    Mirage Hotel (Georgia)
    Directed by Guram Bakradze

    Neighbour (Georgia)
    Directed by David Borchkhadze

    Number 26 (Georgia)
    Directed by Gvantsa Meparishvili

    Pool (Georgia)
    Directed by Salome Latsabidze

    Sorry for Being Late (Georgia, Germany)
    Directed by Luka Beradze

    The Bee Fall (Georgia)
    Directed by Vajiko Chachkhiani

    The Load (Georgia)
    Directed by Miranda Namicheishvili

    The Victim (Germany, Georgia)
    Directed by Giorgi Varsimashvili

    The Watchers (Georgia)
    Directed by Sandro Suladze