Georgia Announces New Screenplay Competition

By FNE Staff

    The Georgian National Film Center (www.gnfc.ge) has announced a new Best Screenplay competition which takes place in cooperation with the literary Gala awards. The screenplay competition will join six other nomination categories.

    Tamar Tatishvili, Director of Georgian National Film Center made the official announcement at the 4th awards ceremony of the "Gala" literary competition. The new award is intended to build a closer relationship between cinema and literature. The nomination is intended for discovering interesting projects and motivating script-writers to work in that area.

    In addition, it will form the foundation for cooperation between the Tbilisi Assembly and the Georgian National Film Center. The awards ceremony of the literary competition 2010 was held on 22 October 2010 in Tbilisi. Winners were awarded with a prize of 4000 GEL.