Hungarian Filmlab celebrates bumper year


    The Hungarian Filmlab is already celebrating its Oscar victory even though the awards ceremony has not taken place yet. Both Joseph Cedar's Beaufort (Israel) which was nominated for a foreign-language Oscar and Srdan Golubovic's Serbian thriller The Trap which was short-listed did all their laboratory work at the Budapest-based Hungarian Film Lab.

    "It's been a bumper year for the Hungarian Filmlab," said Gabor Pinter (www.pinterfilm.hu), who represents the lab for Southeast Europe. "We have done the work on abut 50 features this year as well as lots of archive, shorts and documentary work. We are especially proud of doing the restoration and making the prints for the 13-film retrospective of Serbian director Goran Paskaljevic at MOMA in New York in January."

    The Hungarian Filmlab is another beneficiary of the current boom in Hungarian production generated by the Hungarian Film Act. About 50% of all Hungarian films do their laboratory and digital postproduction at the lab. As production of Hungarian films has doubled in the past three years, so has the number of films the lab has worked on. The lab has also just invested €1.5 million in Spirit HD 2K Telecine equipment. Employing nearly 100 people, the lab complex is the largest in Central Europe and serves as a hub for the region.

    Both the Hungarian Filmlab (www.filmlab.hu) and Mafilm Studios (www.mafilm.hu) have operated under the control of the Motion Picture Foundation of Hungary since January 2007.