Obituary: Lithuanian Director Marijonas Giedrys

By FNE Staff

    VILNIUS: Lithuanian feature film and documentary director Marijonas Giedrys has died at age 78. His death came after a long illness, according to the Lithuanian Filmmakers Union.

    Giedrys was born 16 March 1933 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

    According to the Baltic Course, in a career that spanned 30 years, he directed 11 feature films and 8 documentaries. They include Muzhskoye leto (1970), Bludnyy syn (1987) and his 1972 masterpiece, the historical drama Herkus mantas, which was awarded at the national film festival.

    His credits also include writing (Living Heroes, 1961) and acting (Smoke and Shorty, 1975).

    In 2010, he received a Lifetime Achievement in Culture and Arts award from the Lithuanian government.