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Juliusz Machulski comedy wraps up Warsaw

Katarzyna Grynienko 2008-06-25
What is the weight of a Trojan Horse, the long-awaited new project from the master of Polish comedy Juliusz Machulski, completed shooting on June 26. Filming took place mainly in Warsaw and at the popular Polish seaside tourist town of Sopot.
The director calls his new movie "a fantasy comedy." His heroine, 40 year old Zosia, makes a birthday wish to be younger, and she finds her wish granted - literally. Machulski sends her back in time, to her youth spent during the prime of the Communist regime. The renowned cast includes Ilona Ostrowska, Maciej Marczewski, Robert Wieckiewicz, Danuta Szaflarska, and Maja Ostaszewska.

The total budget of the film was PLN 5,188,550 (€1,550,000) with PLN 2,000,000 (€598,000) from the Polish Film Institute (sourced by the PFI database www.bazafilmowa.pl). What is the weight of a Trojan Horse is produced by Studio Filmowe ZEBRA (www.zebrafilm.pl), which has partnered with Machulski on several of his past films. On July 1, the film goes into post-production, scheduled through November 20. The Polish premiere of the movie is planned on the beginning of 2009. Machulski's last comedy, Vinci, made an impressive €1,566,400 in 2004, which has the producers anticipating that Polish viewers will make this another local blockbuster.


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