FNE Association Issues Statement on Resignation of Hrvoje Hribar

    Hrvoje Hribar Hrvoje Hribar

    BERLIN: The Film New Europe Association has issued a statement on the resignation of Hrvoje Hribar as director of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

    11 February 2017

    Resignation of Hrvoje Hribar as Director of the Croatian AV Center:
    Statement of the Members of the Film New Europe Association

    Following its annual meeting in Berlin on 11 February 2017 the members of the Film New Europe Association have decided to issue a statement on the resignation of Hrvoje Hribar from his position as Director of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC)

    We all have looked with admiration towards Croatia and the successful work done by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) over the past five or six years under the leadership of Hrvoje Hribar. The HAVC has become in a sense a leader for the region. Bold paths have been taken. Promoting Croatia through films, successful development of the national cinema network, the strong support for emerging filmmakers and the welcoming attitude of friendship and collaboration with European film directors and producers has inspired many of us. It is the proof of what visionary management, strategic development and a great team can achieve if all are in synchronization with what the country and its filmmakers need while never closing an eye to European friends and neighbours.

    The FNE association would like to acknowledge its great gratitude to the visionary management of Hrvoje Hribar brought to Croatian cinema and to the whole Eastern European region.

    Members of the FNE Association:
    Elma Tataragić, General Secretary Bosnian Producers Association (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Ines Tanović, President, Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Bosila Dontcheva, Bulgarian National Film Center (Bulgaria)
    Edith Sepp, Head of Estonian Film Institute (Estonia)
    Dita Rietuma, Latvian National Film Centre (Latvia)
    Rolandas Kvietkauskas, Director of Lithuanian Film Center (Lithuania)
    Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska, General director Macedonian Film Agency (Macedonia)
    Alex Traila, Romanian National Film Center (Romania)
    Boban Jevtić, Director of Film Center Serbia (Serbia)
    Natacha Bucar, Director of the Slovenian Film Center (Slovenia)
    Elena Christodoulidou, Cyprus Ministry of Culture and Education (Cyprus),
    Michal Bregant Head of Czech National Film Archives, (Czech Republic)
    Marian Urban Head of Slovak Producers Association
    Anca Mitran Head of Romanian CNC (Romania)
    Englebert Grech Film Commissioner for Malta (Malta)
    Kamen Balkanski Acting Director of the Bulgarian National Film Centre (Bulgaria)
    Magdalena Sroka Head of the Polish Film Institute
    Dariusz Jablonski Head of Polish Independent Producers Association (Poland)
    Zurab Magalashvili: General Director: Georgian National Film Center
    Anna Franklin, Director, FNE Poland
    Marketa Hodouskova, General Secretary, FNE Czech republic
    Michal Klimkiewicz, Deputy Director, FNE Poland