FNE at connecting cottbus: Parade

    connecting cottbus 2020 online edition connecting cottbus 2020 online edition

    COTTBUS: The Lithuanian project Parade directed by Titas Laucius and produced by Klementina Remeikaite for Afterschool Production was pitched at connecting cottbus, which took place online 4-6 November 2020.

    When a long-divorced husband and wife need to get a second “Catholic divorce”, they are involved in a ridiculous trial procedure, only to realise that they have become closer to each other than they were during their marriage.

    The production has a budget of 450,000 EUR with 28,000 EUR in place. The project received development support from the Lithuanian Film Centre. The producers are looking for coproducers, post-production partners, distributors, and sales agents.

    This is the director’s feature debut, after winning awards for his short and student films.

    Production information:

    Afterschool Production

    Director: Titas Laucius
    Writer: Titas Laucius
    Producer: Klementina Remeikaite