FNE at connecting cottbus 2020: Sep & Ana

    connecting cottbus 2020 online edition connecting cottbus 2020 online edition

    COTTBUS: The Romanian psychological thriller Sep & Ana, directed by Paul Cioran and produced by Claudiu Mitcu for We Are Basca, was pitched at the 2020 online edition of connecting cottbus, which took place 4-6 November 2020.

    After witnessing a crime scene, Ana, a lonely ten-year-old girl, and her estranged father Sep, are brought back together when the murderer starts to threaten them and events become blurred by imagination to the point of making everybody question what is real.

    The 110 minute film has a budget of 700,000 EUR. The producers are looking for coproducers.

    This will be the director’s feature debut.

    Production information:

    We Are Basca

    Director: Paul Cioran
    Writer: Paul Cioran
    Producer: Claudiu Mitcu