Eurimages Supports 21 New Projects from FNE Partner Countries


    STRASBOURG: A total of 21 projects from FNE partner countries, including 11 majority coproductions, are among the 49 projects that received coproduction support at the 63rd meeting (held online) of the Board of Management of the Council of Europe's Eurimages. The total amount of funding is 10,816,000 EUR.

    The Board of Management also fixed the three coproduction support application deadlines for 2022 as follows: 11 January, 1 April, and 15 September 2022. Projects submitted within these deadlines will be evaluated from 16 to 22 March, from 13 to 17 June, and from 21 to 25 November 2022, respectively.

    The Board of Management also distributed 530,387 EUR to 73 cinemas based on their 2020 programming, as well as 167,616 EUR (a part of the remainder of the Cinemas Support budget) to the 28 cinemas in the network most impacted by the effects of COVID-19.

    Click HERE to see all the supported projects.


    Anxiety (Poland, Switzerland, Germany) 340,000 EUR
    Directed Sławomir Fabicki

    Dark Paradise (Estonia, France) 150,000 EUR
    Directed by Triin Ruumet

    Gondola (Germany, Georgia) 80,000 EUR
    Directed by Veit Helmer

    Hello (Bulgaria, Germany) 170,000 EUR
    Directed by Stephan Komandarev

    Infinity Pool (Canada, Hungary, Croatia) 324,000 EUR
    Directed by Brandon Cronenberg

    Irena (Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria) Documentary 112,000 EUR
    Directed by Giedre Zickyte       

    May Labor Day (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia) 140,000 EUR
    Directed by Pjer Žalica

    Mr. K (the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia) 295,000 EUR
    Directed by Tallulah H. Schwab

    Red Path / Les enfants rouges (France, Belgium, Tunisia, Poland) 180,000 EUR
    Directed by Lotfi Achour

    Rift in the Ice (Serbia, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia) 225,000 EUR
    Directed by Maja Miloš

    Sea Sparkle (Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia) 180,000 EUR
    Directed by Domien Huyghe

    Sirin (Montenegro, Albania, Croatia) 85,000 EUR
    Directed by Senad Šahmanovic

    Strandzha (Germany, Bulgaria) Documentary 80,000 EUR
    Directed by Pepa Hristova

    The Book of Everything (the Netherlands, Latvia) 145,000 EUR
    Directed by Ineke Houtman

    The Happiest Man in the World (North Macedonia, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia) 290,000 EUR
    Directed by Teona Strugar Mitevska

    The Invisible Fight (Estonia, Greece, Latvia) 360,000 EUR
    Directed by Rainer Sarnet

    The Lost Dream Team (Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia)  Documentary  130,000 EUR   
    Directed by Jure Pavlović

    The Man without Guilt (Slovenia, Italy, Croatia) 140,000 EUR
    Directed by Ivan Gergolet

    The Miljacka Vampires (Croatia, Austria) 140,000 EUR
    Directed by Pavo Marinković

    Windless (Bulgaria, Italy) 90,000 EUR
    Directed by Pavel G. Vesnakov

    Woman on the Roof (Poland, Sweden, France) 175,000 EUR
    Directed by Anna Jadowska