EC prepares new Media Mundus programme

By Katarzyna Grynienko

    The European Commission (ec.europa.eu) has released details on the new Media Mundus programme, which will launch in 2011.

    The European Parliament had already approved a budget of €5 million for the Commission´s 2009 Media International work programme, which will preceded the Media Mundus project. The main focus of the 2009 programme will be the training of audiovisual professionals, promoting new projects at the development or production stage, supporting distribution of cinematographic works by encouraging long-term cooperation between European and non-European professionals, screening of cinematographic works in cinemas, and improving as well as increasing potential audiences by supporting film literacy events.

    Media Mundus will be focused on supporting EU producers in projects realized with film professionals from all over the world. The main goal of the new fund is to create a strong network of cultural and commercial relations joining Europe's film industry with filmmakers of third countries.

    Media Mundus will work to facilitate the exchange of experience and information between international filmmakers by offering training programs and scholarships as well as supporting the broader distribution of the audiovisual works created as European co-productions, in order to make them more visible and competitive on the global market.

    The EU would provide €15 million of funding from 2011-2013 for projects submitted by audiovisual professionals from Europe and third countries. The MEDIA International Preparatory Action provided €2 million of funding for 18 projects involving international partners.