FNE in Cannes: The Winners Are…


    The winners of the main competition were announced Sunday evening as one of the most controversial Cannes line-ups in many years drew to a close. With top European auteurs on view and an overdose of violence and sadism that made even Quentin Tarantino look tame compared to the fare offered up by Lars Von Trier and Michal Haneke it was not a year for the faint hearted.

    Undoubtedly the biggest stir on the Croisette was caused by Lar Von Trier's love it or hate it Antichrist. Charlotte Gainsbourg picked up the best actress award for her efforts. The film was one of the recent string of projects by famous European auteurs that the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl) has backed. Zentropa International Poland was a coproducer. If the number of words in print that journalists churned out during the festival about Antichrist is part of the equation then this makes it a winner in the publicity sweepstakes.

    While the Turks did not have any film in the main programmes this year its pavilion was kept hopping as they celebrated having their top director Nuri Bilge Ceyhan on the main jury. He was often to be seen on the stylish pavilion organized by Mime Vargi.

    The Romanian New Wave has not yet ebbed it seems as Romanian director Corneliu Porumboiu picked up the Certain Regard Jury Prize for his film Politist, Adjectiv produced by 42 KM Films (http://www.42kmfilm.ro/) as well the FIPRESCI Critics Prize.(See FNE exclusive interview with this filmmaker)

    Czech film student Zuzana Kirchnerova-Spidlova received the first Cinéfondation Award, aimed at helping new generations of filmmakers, for her short Baba.

    Winners of the main competition

    Palme d'Or

    The White Ribbon

    Michael Haneke

    Grand Jury Prize

    A Propher

    Jacques Audiard

    Best Actress

    Charlotte Gainsbourg



    Best Actor

    Christoph Waltz

    Inglourious Bastands

    Special Jury Prize

    Alain Resnais

    Best Director
    Brillante Mendoza


    Best Screen Play

    Mei Feng

    Spring Fever

    Jury Prize Ex Aequo

    Fish Tank

    Andrea Arnold

    Park Chan-wook

    Camera d"OR

    Samson and Delilah

    Warwick Thornton

    Best Short Film


    Joao Salaviza