FESTIVALS: Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival Challenges Audience to Defy Borders

    Endless Poetry by Alejandro Jodorowsky Endless Poetry by Alejandro Jodorowsky

    BUCHAREST: The 7th Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival BIEFF will take place from 28 March to 2 April 2017. This year the programme challenges the audience to defy borders and to experience empathy.

    Established as one of the boldest film festivals in Romania, BIEFF has this year five competition programmes including 28 films: The Politics of the Body: The Performative Self, Searching for Transcendence: Spirituality in the Digital Age, You Are another Me: On Exile and Shifting Borderscapes, The Alchemy of the Frame: Deconstructing the Image, and Cutting the Cord: Family Love and Its Discontents.

    The selection was curated by filmmaker Adina Pintilie in collaboration with Dan Angelescu. Following the BIEFF’s long-term partnership with Cannes’ Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, the latest film by Alejandro Jodorowsky Endless Poetry / Poesia sin Fin will open the festival. Winners of the most prestigious international film festivals and events in 2016 will also screen at the festival.

    The 7th edition of the Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival BIEFF is organised by Manekino Cultural Association in partnership with PRINTOR COM and Film Monitor Association.

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    The Politics of the Body:

    American Reflexx (USA)
    Directed by Alli Coates &Signe Pierce

    Man (Sweden, UK)
    Directed by Maja Borg

    Night Soil: Economy of Love (USA, the Netherlands)
    Directed by Melanie Bonajo

    Self(exhibitions) (Spain, Argentina)
    Directed by Florencia Aliberti

    Flowers and Bottoms (Greece)
    Directed by Christos Massalas

    Two Snakes (Canada)
    Directed by Kristin Li

    Searching for Transcendence:

    489 Years (France)
    Directed by Hayoun Kwon

    Sisyphus 2.0 (Romania, USA)
    Directed by Luiza Pârvu &Toma Peiu

    Critical Mass: Pure Immanence (Germany)
    Directed by Anne de Vries

    It Is Was (UK)
    Directed by Laurie Prouvost

    Limbo (Greece)
    Directed by Konstantina Kotzamani

    Fiesta Forever (France)
    Directed by Jorge Jácome

    You Are Another Me:

    Summer (France, Belgium)
    Directed by Ronny Trocker

    We All Love the Seashore (Spain)
    Directed by Keina Espiñeira

    Over (UK)
    Directed by Jörn Threlfahll

    Remains from the Desert (Germany)
    Directed by Sebastian Mez

    The Story of Little Hans (Romania)
    Directed by Daniel Djamo

    9 Days from My Window in Aleppo (the Netherlands, Siria)
    Directed by Loor Van Der Meulen, Thomas Vroege, Issa Touma

    The Alchemy of the Frame:

    A Brief History of Princess X (Portugal, France, UK)
    Directed by Gabriel Abrantes

    Still Holding Still (Germany)
    Directed by Sarah Vanagt

    “(…) Craving for Narrative” (Germany)
    Directed by Max Grau

    You Want a Story? (France)
    Directed by Antonin Peretjatko

    Foyer (France, Tunisia)
    Directed by Ismaïl Bahri

    Cutting the Cord:

    Our Legacy (France)
    Directed by Jonathan Vinel in collaboration with Caroline Pogg

    I Made You, I Kill You (Romania)
    Directed by Alexandru Petru Bădeliță

    I Was a Winner (Sweden)
    Directed by Jonas Odell

    Small Town (Portugal)
    Directed by Diogo Costa Amarante