Cinema City Opens Its Fifth 4DX Cinema in Romania

Cinema City Iulius Mall, Cluj, 4DX Cinema City Iulius Mall, Cluj, 4DX

CLUJ-NAPOCA: Cinema City opened in Cluj-Napoca its fifth 4DX cinema in Romania with an investment of approximately 850,000 EUR. Cinema City is the biggest cinema operator in Romania.

Cinema City Iulius Mall, Cluj, 4DXThe cinema in Iulius Mall Cluj-Napoca has 124 seats and was opened together with the Iulius company, the owner of the commercial center.

Cinema City opened its first 4DX cinema in Romania in 2015. There are 500 such cinemas in the world. Cinema City, which celebrated 10 years in Romania in 2017, is currently running 25 multiplexes in 18 towns with almost 41,000 seats and 231 screens including two T IMAX screens. Together with the Romanian commercial centers, Cinema City invested approximately 55 m EUR in the last three years, according to a press release.