FESTIVALS: Romanian The Campaign / Berliner Competes at 2021 Trieste FF

    The Campaign by Marian Crișan The Campaign by Marian Crișan

    TRIESTE: Romanian director Marian Crișan sends his fourth feature film The Campaign / Berliner to the main competition of the 32nd Trieste Film Festival, which runs 21 – 30 January 2021 and focuses on films from the CEE, Baltic and Balkan region.

    The 2021 edition will take place online and be available in Italy only.

    The film was shot in the director’s hometown of Salonta, in Northern Transylvania, in the autumn of 2018. Moldavian DoP Oleg Mutu, who shot Cristian Mungiu’s 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days and Beyond the Hills (Mobra Films), did the lensing.

    The film penned by Marian Crișan and Gabriel Andronache is a black comedy following a corrupt politician from Bucharest who arrives in a small town in Transylvania and who, trying to escape justice, decides to run for the EU parliament.

    “Elections in small towns can sometimes be as passionate as running for US president. I found Romanian politics on this scale to be funny, but at the same time telling some truths about election psychology and schemes everywhere in the world,” Crișan said in a statement.

    The German title of the film, Berliner, is taken from the famous quotation „Ich bin ein Berliner,” from the speech that John F. Kennedy gave in West Berlin in 1963, and which Germans mocked for its grammatical error which resulted in the translation: “I am a jam-filled doughnut.”

    The film stars Ion Sapdaru and the cast includes Ovidiu Crișan, Sorin Cociș and Maria Junghietu.

    Crișan produced through his company Rova Film with the support of the Romanian Film Centre (CNC), the Salonta City Hall and local investors. The film premiered at the Moscow IFF on 2 October 2020, where it won the Russian Cinema Club Federation “Keen Eye” Award. The Campaign / Berliner also competed at the November 2020 edition of FilmFestival Cottbus.

    Crișan won the Palme d’Or for Best Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival for Megatron in 2008 and the Special Jury Prize at the Locarno Film Festival for his debut feature Morgen (Mandragora) in 2010.

    Production Information:

    Rova Film
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    Director: Marian Crișan
    Scriptwriters: Marian Crișan, Gabriel Andronache
    DoP: Oleg Mutu
    Art director: Simona Pădurețu
    Cast: Ion Sapdaru, Ovidiu Crișan, Sorin Cociș, Maria Junghietu