Serbian The Flock Tops Domestic Box Office 2016

    Nikola Kojo and Vesna Trivalić on the shoot of Stado Nikola Kojo and Vesna Trivalić on the shoot of Stado

    BELGRADE: Nikola Kojo’s debut feature The Flock topped the Serbian total chart with 163,395 admissions and 478,019 EUR / 59,099,647 RSD gross in 2016, boosting the box office by eight percent. The film beat the romantic sports comedy The Samurai in Autumn by Danilo Bećković, the Serbian box office darling of November 2016.

    The Flock / Stado (produced by K12 Production, TV Prva and Cineplexx) also did better than the most awaited American blockbusters, despite the fact that it was released by Continental Film on 24 November 2016.

    The first results show that Serbian cinema admissions in 2016 were around 3,249,097 (compared to 3,161,658 in 2015) and the total box office was approximately 10.26 m EUR compared to almost 9.5 m EUR in 2015.

    Six of the 242 titles released in Serbian cinemas in 2016 crossed the line of 100,000 admissions (there were also six in 2015), of which three are domestic films. Nikola Kojo’s The Flock / Stado is number one, Danilo Bećković’s The Samurai in Autumn / Jesen Samuraja comes second with 144,061 admissions and 413,126 EUR / 51,179,701 RSD gross, while Boban Jevtic’s Military Academy 3 / Vojna Akademija 3: Novi Početak (produced by RTS and Nira) with 103,811 admissions and 251,110 EUR / 31,068,279 RSD is in the sixth position.

    A total of 20 domestic titles were released in 2016. The list also includes Double Trouble / Braća po babine linije by Radoš Bajić (produced by Contrast Studios) with 52,008 admissions, Zdravko Šotra’s Santa Maria Della Salute (produced by RTS and Vision Team) with 50,175 admissions, and Miloš Radović’s Train Driver’s Diary / Dnevnik mašinovođe (produced by Zillion Film) with 17,415 admissions.