FESTIVALS: Belgrade International Film Festival Announces Lineup


    BELGRADE: The 45th edition of the Belgrade International Film Festival – FEST will screen 95 feature films in 14 different categories from 24 February to 5 March 2017. Emir Kusturica’s latest film On the Milky Road / Na mlečnom putu will open the festival, while Martin Scorsese’s Silence will close Belgrade’s most important cinematic event.

    On the Milky Road by Emir Kusturica

    Fifteen films from twelve countries will vie for the Belgrade Victor in the International Competition, seven films will screen in the National Competition (Serbian Film), while eight films will be shown in the Frontiers (Granice) Competition programme specialised in subversive art house films. These competition programmes were instituted in 2015, when the programme and team structures of the festival were changed.

    The International Competition jury is composed of: Srdan Golubović – president, Dalibor Matanić, Sergej Trifunović, Branka Katić and Čedomir Kolar. The National Competition jury is made up of: Ksenija Marinković, Miroslav Momčilović, Hrvoje Hribar, Slobodan Skerlić and Jean-Marc Barr. The jury of the Frontiers Competition programme is composed of Dragan Jovičević, Saša Radojević and Luka Bursać.

    Two more film critics juries will choose the winners of the Nebojša Đukelić and Fedeora Awards.

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    The Student / (M)uchenik (Russia)
    Directed by Kirill Serebrennikov

    The Dark Wind / Reseba (Iraq, Syria, Germany, Qatar)
    Directed by Hussein Hassan

    Eva / Ewa (Israel)
    Directed by Haim Tabakman

    Goran (Croatia)
    Directed by Nevio Marasović
    Produced by Antitalent Produkcija
    Supported by the Agora Works in Progress (Thessaloniki Film Festival 2015) and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre

    Heartstone / Hjartasteinn (Denmark, Iceland)
    Directed by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson

    Inversion / Varoonegi (Iran)
    Directed by Behnam Behzadi

    Layla M. (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Jordan)
    Directed by Mijke de Jong

    Malaria (Iran)
    Directed by Parviz Shahbazi

    Quit Staring at My Plate / Ne gledaj mi u tanjir (Croatia, Denmark)
    Directed by Hana Jušić
    Produced by Kinorama
    Coproduced by Beofilm
    Supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Eurimages and HRT

    Nightlife / Noćni Život (Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosna and Herzegovina)
    Directed by Damjan Kozole
    Produced by Vertigo
    Coproduced by Sisters and Brother Mitevski and SCCA/pro.ba and in collaboration with Viba Film
    Supported by the Slovenian Film Center, the Macedonian Film Agency and the Sarajevo City of Film Fund

    These Days / Questi Giorni (Italy)
    Directed by Giuseppe Piccioni

    Queen of Spades (Russia)
    Directed by Pavel Lungin

    Suntan (Greece, Germany)
    Directed by Argyris Papadimitropoulos

    Toril (France)
    Directed by Laurent Taysser

    The Teacher / Učitelka (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
    Directed by Jan Hrebejk
    Produced by Offside MEN, Ceská Televize
    Coproduced by PubRES and RTVS


    Afterparty / Afterparti (Serbia)
    Directed by Luka Bursać
    Produced by Ljuti Bicikl and Masha&Zec

    Train Driver’s Diary / Dnevnik mašinovođe (Serbia)
    Directed by Miloš Radović
    Produced by Zillion Film and Interfilm
    Supported by Film Center Serbia

    Incarnation / Inkarnacija (Serbia)
    Directed by Filip Kovačević
    Produced by Viktorija Film

    The Samurai in Autumn / Jesen samuraja (Serbia)
    Directed by Danilo Bećković
    Produced by Gargantua Films and Mali Budo
    Coproduced by Chouchkov Brothers, Cine Planet and Cineplexx
    Supported by Film Center Serbia

    All the Cities of the North / Svi severni gradovi (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro)
    Directed by Dane Komljen
    Produced by Dart Film & Video and SCCA/pro.ba
    Coproduced by Code Blue and VizArt Film
    Supported by Film Center Serbia, the Hubert Bals Fund, Le Fresnoy, Fondacija za kinematografiju Sarajevo and Direktorat za kulturnu baštinu – Ministarstvo kulture Crne Gore

    Wind / Vetar (Serbia)
    Directed by Tamara Drakulić
    Produced by Monkey Production and Cinnamon production

    Requiem for Mrs. J / Rekvijem za gospodju J. (Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia, France)
    Directed by Bojan Vuletić
    Produced by Serbia’s SEE Film Pro, Bulgaria’s Geopoly Film, Macedonia’s Skopje Film Studio
    Supported by Film Center Serbia, the Bulgarian National Film Center, the Macedonian Film Fund and Eurimages


    Swiss Army Man (USA)
    Directed Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert

    Liberami (Italy, France)
    Directed by Federica Di Giacomo

    We Are the Flesh / Tenemos la carne (Mexico)
    Directed by Emiliano Rocha Minter

    Rocco (France)
    Directed by Thierry Demaizière and Alban Teurlai

    Safari (Austria, Denmark)
    Directed by Ulrich Seidl
    Produced by Ulrich Seidl Film Produktion

    The Handmaiden (South Korea)
    Directed by Park Chan-Wook

    Under the Shadow (UK, Qatar, Jordan, Iran)
    Directed by Babak Anvari

    The Lure / Córki Dancingu (Poland)
    Directed by Agnieszka Smoczynska
    Produced by WFDiF Documentary and Feature Film Studio
    Coproduced by Telewizja Polska