First Films First Launches Scriptwriters Networking Platform


    BELGRADE: First Films First program manager Stefan Arsenijević announced the launch of an online networking platform on 15 February 2017. The project, Meet the Scriptwriters, is a collaboration with Goethe Institute in Belgrade.

    Meet the Scriptwriters is envisioned as a virtual meeting point of scriptwriters and the rest of the film industry, where scriptwriters will upload their personal profiles including their previous experiences, projects they are working on, examples of their work and additional information.

    The creators hope the project will benefit the film industry as a whole. It is organised as a large data base with information on new stories that are being developed by the scriptwriters and crew positions.

    “Finding the right scriptwriter is a delicate choice,” Stefan Arsenijević told FNE. “It has to be someone the director is comfortable working with, someone who shares the same taste in film and view to the world. Someone who can move the story in the right direction. So we came up with the platform that could offer directors and producers a wide range of scriptwriters, and insight in their work and film taste. At the same time, scriptwriters who never know how to approach directors and producers get the opportunity to present themselves quite easily.”

    The platform is also intended to enable coproduction within the region as the new technologies present more efficient ways for long distance collaboration.

    Scriptwriters from Southeast Europe can apply to have their profiles on the page at any time providing that they graduated from film school or they have had at least one short film screened internationally.