FNE at Slovenian Film Festival 2012: Competition : Generation 71

By Matic Vecko
    FNE at Slovenian Film Festival 2012: Competition : Generation 71 Generation 71, Director: Boštjan Slatenšek

    POTOROZ: The feature documentary film Generation 71 competing in the 15th Festival of Slovenian Film (www.fsf.si), running through 30 September 2012 is the debut of Boštjan Slatenšek, a renowned photographer and reporter covering conflict zones throughout the world.

    The story with the telling subtitle “A Story of Soldiers Who Wouldn’t Shoot,” is set in 1991 on the eve of the bloody Balkan war. Viki, Drago and Boris are young men serving in the Yugoslav People's Army. In the tense atmosphere, the fact that they are of different nationalities – Slovene, Croatian and Bosnian – is becoming more and more important.

    As the first armed conflicts arise Viki and Drago decide they want no part in the fighting and run, but they have to cross the fence of the camp at the place that is guarded by Boris, who still won’t give up on his faith in a country that doesn’t exist anymore.

    The film was produced by Igor Pediček of Casablanca film (www.casablanca.si) in coproduction with RTV Slovenija (www.rtvslo.si), FilRouge, Nukleus Film (www.nukleus-film.hr).


    Production Credits:

    Director: Boštjan Slatenšek

    Screenwriter: Boštjan Slatenšek

    Producer: Igor Pediček

    Co-producer: Uroš Goričan

    Director of Photography: Rado Likon

    Film Editor: Boštjan Slatenšek

    Music: Dubravko Robić

    Sound Editor: Igor Burnić

    Set Designer: Iztok Belopavlovič

    Costume Designer: Boštjan Slatenšek

    Make up: Katka Krnc, Peter Bamburač

    Cast:  Klemen Mauhler, Asim Ugljen, Almir Mehić, Zijah Sokolović, Bajazit Alomerović, Uro Jezdić, Sabastian Nared, Žarko Savić

    Production Company: Casablanca film production (www.casablanca.si)

    Coproduction: RTV Slovenija (www.rtvslo.si), FilRouge, Nukleus Film (www.nukleus-film.hr)