Siska Deluxe Soars with Audiences

    Siska Deluxe by Jan Cvitkovic Siska Deluxe by Jan Cvitkovic

    LJUBLJANA: Jan Cvitkovic’s slacker comedy Siska Deluxe held strong at the Slovenian box office, landing in the top three for the second week-end in a row. The film took the Audience Award at the Cottbus Film Festival at the closing ceremony on 7 November 2015, cementing its appeal.

    Siska Deluxe opened in Slovenia on 29 October in second place, holding on to that spot for its first week in release. It was in third place on its second week-end in release. It had a total of 7,342 admissions and 27,616 EUR in box office. The film was released on 22 screens, competing against the international family film hit Hotel Transylvania released on 40 screens. Few Slovenian films manage to make it into the top three at the domestic box office.

    “It will have its Macedonian premiere as the closing film of the festival Cinedays on 21 November and after that it will go in Macedonian release,” producer Alex Palvin of Perfo informed FNE. The Czech premiere is scheduled for March 2016, followed by a theatrical release.

    Siska Deluxe is a Slovenian/Czech/Macedonian coproduction from Perfo, Evolution Film and Kino Oko Production.