Slovenian Miha Mazzini Explores Technology and Lockdown in Experimental Film

    Stay Safe by Miha Mazzini Stay Safe by Miha Mazzini

    LJUBLJANA: Stay Safe, an experimental short film written, directed and produced by best-selling and award-winning Slovenian writer, screenwriter and film director Miha Mazzini, is a story about an ordinary couple in the safe world of tomorrow, full of apps and gadgets, who are slowly going crazy understanding their lack of control over their lives.

    “As a anthropologist working in the technology sector, I deal with the contact between humans and technology. We are born to trust and with ever-greater individualisation that leads to ever-greater isolation, the question that arises is who or what can we trust if not humans? Technology offers itself as a miraculous solution. It will provide us with safety and everything we do will be evaluated, so we will know precisely who has a positive balance and who a negative one. As a writer and filmmaker I began thinking about a world in which we have, for our own sense of safety, subjugated ourselves to technology. I wrote a play about a couple who build a mutual relationship not because of technology but in spite of it”, said Miha Mazzini.

    But the play wasn’t staged because of the Coronavirus lockdown, so he shortened the script and turned it into a series of video conversations. The play morphed into a film which was shot online with actors playing in front of their computers in different parts of the world.

    “Without meeting in person, each of us stayed at home, from Cape Town to Bratislava to New York and Ljubljana, and we made a film that I am very proud of”, Mazzini also said.

    He also produced the film, with Christoph Thoke from Mogador Film as executive producer and Sladana Vide and Edward Porembny as associate producers.

    Jure Cernec holds DoP credits, and the actors are Marian Mitas, Sean Cameron Michael, Alenka Kraigher and Marko Mandic.

    Click HERE to see the trailer.

    Production Information:

    Director and producer Miha Mazzini, photo: Miran JuršičProducer:
    Miha Mazzini (Slovenia)

    Director: Miha Mazzini
    Scriptwriter: Miha Mazzini
    DoP: Jure Cernec
    Editor: Milos Kalusek
    Sound design: Bostjan Kacicnik