Romanian and Greek producers joined forces in backing up ‘La Mezza Stagione', an italian indie debut by Danilo Caputo which will have World Premier at Karlovy Vary, Forum of Independents Competition.

    Though we are mostly used for productions from Eastern Europe to be supported by the Western ones, it seems that small steps towards “reciprocity” are made.Romanian producer  Alex Traila (Steppenwolf Film), mainly active as professional working for film markets from South East Europe (CineLink - Sarajevo, Transilvania Film Festival Fund - Cluj, When East Meets West - Trieste etc) and Konstantina Stavrianou (Graal Films) greek producer joined their forces in supporting italian indie production La Mezza Stagione/ Late Season by writer/director Danilo Caputo.

    With no state funding from neither of the three countries the film was shot in southern Italy near Bari and the post production finished this year  in Athens, Greece.

    In a recent review by the french journalist and festival programmer Pamela Pianezza (TessMagazine, Dazzed, Semaine de la Critique) she wrote  : “We follow three characters hanging around in a small village of southern Italy. The place seems to be stuck in time and if a few objects from the modern world weren’t hidden in the picture, the story could take place decades ago. Cesare, Giovanni and Carosina are obsessed with different kind of sounds: notes, frequencies, noises, and voices. Their only chance to go ahead is to learn to tame those obsessive resonances and maybe turn them into some creative source of inspiration…

    “La Mezza Stagione” is a sensory experience. The slender narration follows a slow and hypnotic tempo that heartens the viewer to become a true observer: of the movie, but also of its own life. Not to convert you to passivity but because a good observation is the necessary preliminary step before action. A statement that takes a specific meaning for our generation.”

    “La mezza stagione” won the Best Script Award, “Mattador” Internatinal Screenplay Competition 2011.

    The movie will have the World Premiere  Monday July 7th at Karlovy Vary, Forum of Independents Competition.