The 8th day of HUNGER STRIKE of Armenian producer, who protests against government injustice

    On December 3rd at 15:00 Armenian producer Hovhanness Galstyan has started the Huger Strike to show a protest against government injustice towards film project "My Grandma's Locks" - coproduction between Armenia, Bulgaria and Germany.

    The Government of Republic of Armenia didn't give promised financing for the film and this fact damaged production plan and stopped the whole production process. 

    According to the agreement (13.11.2015 , number 329) signed by National Cinema Center of Armenia and Parallels Film Production Company the film project “My Grandma's Locks “ should get all the financings till the end of 2018 and this didn't happen. In 2018, the Cinema Center has adopted a new Regulation and cancelled its previous responsibilities of financially supporting the film by breaking the law.

    The company has filed a lawsuit against The National Cinema Center of Armenia. In case of no guarantees for the fulfillment of responsibilities that were taken by the National Cinema Center by the end of 2018, the international partners and investors of the film will also file a lawsuit against the Republic of Armenia demanding a compensation for the invested money and their losses.

    Despite all these obstacles international co-producers from Bulgaria (Vasili Sharkevich, Jelfim) and Germany ( Laura Clever, Clever Production) support their Armenian colleague in this fight and continue to strive for justice. 

    Also, one of the main film distributors is the biggest Russian distribution company, who is very interested in implementation of the project and continue to cooperate with production team.

    This Hunger Strike is the 1st phase of the consistent battle to publicize the vicious things that have been happening in the State regulation of the Culture for decades and to reform the system of the Film Management in Armenia.