My Grandpa is an Alien International Premiere

    My Grandpa is an Alien International Premiere

    After its international premier and screenings at renown festivals in Belgium, Canada and Sweden, the long awaited Croatian children's SF film My Grandpa is an Alien starts domestic theatrical distribution on March 21.

    Croatian children's SF film My Grandpa is an Alien will have its international premier this week at 22nd FIFEM Festival International du film pour enfants in Montreal. FIFEM is renowned for selecting films that stimulate curiosity and encourage critical thinking and informed dialogue, and Grandpa Alien is one of eight films selected in competition.

    The same week the film will compete on the other side of the world, at JEF festival, dedicated to broadening views of children and youth in Antwerp and five other Belgian cities from February 23 till March 10.

    The first leg of Grandpa Alien's international tour ends at the end of March at a festival which has dedicated this years edition to honoring the efforts of Greta Thunberg and other youth activists and celebrating the future – the key Nordic film festival, BUFF in Malmö.

    Domestic audiences will have the chance to see My Grandpa is an Alien on March 5 at 7th International Children's Films Exhibition in Čakovec and since March 16 in previews at multiplexes all over Croatian, where official theatrical distribution starts on March 21.

    The SF adventure of a little girl Una and her robot friend Dodo, who have less then 24 hours to save her partly alien family, was inspired by the story My Grandpa is an Alien by Irena Krčelić. The screenwriters are Pavlica Bajsić and Branko Ružić, and film was directed by awarded directorial duo Dražen Žarković and Marina Andree Škop.

    The main cast includes 12-year-old Lana Hranjec and one of the most awarded Croatian actors Ozren Grabarić (the voice of Dodo), as well as eminent Norwegian actor Nils Ole Oftebro, Slovak comedy star Petra Polnišova, Croatian actor Frano Mašković, and young rising stars Alex Rakoš, Sven Barac, Tonka Kovačić, Lucija Šango...

    DoP was Sven Pepeonik, production designer Petra Kriletić, costume designer Zorana Meić, music was composed by Stein Berge Svendsen and film was edited by Marina Andree Škop.

    The film was produced by Darija Kulenović Gudan and Marina Andree Škop from Studio dim in coproduction with partners from six other European countries: Croatian Radiotelevision, Wady Films from Luxembourg, Filmbin from Norway, MasterFilm and MagicLab from Czech Republic, Artileria from Slovak Republic, Senca Studio and Art Rebel 9 from Slovenia and Fabrika from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The film production was supported by Croatian Audiovisual Center, MEDIA programme of the European Union, Film Fund Luxembourg, Norwegian Film Institute, Filminvest, Czech Film Fund, Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Slovenian Film Centre and Cinematography Fund Sarajevo. The film is distributed by 2iFilm in Croatia and the region.

    Last modified on 05-03-2019