Press Review - Digital roll-out makes rapid progress

    Digital projection in theatres has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last two months! Press conferences announcing new digitalisation agreements for cinemas were followed by communiqués on the launch of new material and proposals for new support modes. Our press review proposes a rapid chronological overview of these latest steps in digital development.

    We list here the declarations made during Cinema Expo, in particular the contracts for equipping certain theatre chains in Belgium and the Netherlands (with XDC for 61 screens of the Euroscoop chain), in Poland (with XDC for 174 Multikino screens), in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary (with XDC for 170 screens of Palace Cinemas), in France (with Ymagis for over 100 screens in Cap Cinéma theatres), in the UK (with Sony for 83 screens of Apollo Cinemas) and in Norway (for the equipment of the majority of the country's 420 screens). The articles stress the will of the public sector to participate in allowing the greatest number of theatres to become equipped - including agreements by Film&Kino with the American studios and the announced launch by the UK Film Council of a new support programme for theatres situated in rural areas in 3 regions of the UK.

    More thematic articles present the principal current trends: the growing frequency of projections of alternative contents, the advance of 3D, and the arrival of Texas Instruments onto the 4K projection market.

    Taking stock of articles in seven different newspapers, this press review does not propose to give an exhaustive overview, but gives a fair insight into the situation in fifteen countries. We will bring you up to date once more in the months to come.