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    application deadline: September 11 2008


    Marking already its ninth edition, the East European Forum is the region's largest meeting of East European documentary filmmakers with leading European commissioning editors, distributors, buyers and film fund representatives. Directors and independent producers offer their projects for co-production, presale or any other form of financial support.

    During its existence, the Forum has become a prestigious meeting place that has, since 2001, hosted 480 East European filmmakers and producers, 59 TV commissioning editors and dozens of international distributors, buyers and festival programmers. This year's preparatory workshop, sidebar programme and public pitching will be attended by more than 120 documentary professionals.

    In 2009, nearly 45 documentary films were made with the support of the Forum.

    Deadline: September 11, 2009
    Forum workshop: October 27 - 30, 2009
    Pitching session: October 31 - November 1, 2009

    Directors and producers with their own creative projects. The knowledge of English is a participation condition. The participation of both (director and producer) at the Forum Workshop and Pitching Forum is one of the necessary conditions. East European Forum focuses mainly on Central and East European creative projects, with the director or producer or both from the East and Central European region.


    • Projects for which the author has already completed the preliminary research and has a clear idea of the main line of the film
    • Subjects with topics appealing not only to a small audience but potentially to diverse viewers from various cultural backgrounds
    • The subject doesn't have to be European in terms of scope. It can be a local story, yet it should relate to a universal human experience, generalize its message and show its content in a social or time-spatial context.
    • The genre of the film can be very diverse ranging from full-length documentaries to portraits or historical films.

    € 100/selected project + € 250 contribution for accommodation per project

    TV commissioning editors we cooperate with:
    Sabine Bubeck-Paaz (ZDF/ARTE, Germany), Madeleine Avramoussis (ARTE THEMA Strasbourg, France), Hans Robert Eisenhauer (ARTE G.E.I.E. Germany/France), Leena Pasanen (YLE Teema, Finland), Iikka Vehkalahti (YLE, Finland), Philippe Van Meerbeck (VRT, Belgium), Wim Van Rompaey (Lichtpunt, Belgium), Cees Van Ede (NPS, Netherlands), Franz Grabner (ORF, Austria), Martin Stoll (Czech TV, Czech Republic), Björn Arvas (SVT, Sweden), Caroline Mutz (ARTE THEMA, France), Marijke Rawie (AVRO, Netherlands), Kathrin Brinkmann (ARTE/ZDF, Germany), Bert Janssens (Humanist Broadcasting Foundations, Netherlands), Philippe Muller (ARTE G.E.I.E., France), Heino Deckert (MAJA.DE Film, Germany), Esther Van Messel (First Hand Films, Switzerland), Nick Fraser (BBC 4, UK), Mette Hoffmann Meyer (TV2, Denmark), Flemming Grenz (DR TV, Denmark), Jordi Ambros (TV3 CAT), Paul Pauwels (VRT, Belgium), Marijke Huijbregts, Caroline Behar (France 5, France), Marijke Huijbregts (AVRO, Netherlands), Rasa Miskinyte (LRT, Lithuania), Dr. Claudia Schreiner (MDR/ARD, Germany), Andrzej Titkow (PTV, Poland), Christian Popp ( RBB/ARTE, Německo), Sari Volanen (YLE, Finland), Jenny Westergaard (YLE, Finland), Elisabeth Hulten (ARTE France, France), Rada Šešič (Jan Vrijman Fund, Netherlands), Charlotte Gry Madsen (DR TV, Denmark), Christiane Hinz (VRD, Germany), Katarzyna Malinowska (TVP Kultura, Poland), Claudia Nedelescu (TVR, Romania), Marek Šebeš (Czech TV, Czech Republic), Andras Monory Mesz (MTV, Hungary), Joke Goovaerts (Lichtpunt, Belgium), Heribert Schneiders (MDR, Germany), Jessica Raspe (AVRO, Netherlands), Jane Jankovic (TVO, Canada), Viola Salu (ETV, Estonia), Vera Bonnier (SVT, Sweden), Klara Toth (Duna TV, Hungary), Flora Gregory (Al Jazeera English, UK), Margje de Koning (IKON, Netherlands), Lejla Babovic (BHRT, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Claudia Bucher (ARTE, France), Rudy Buttignol (Knowledge, Canada), Cynthia Kane (ITVS International, USA), Wilbur Leguebe (RTBF, Belgium), Cynthia López (PBS, USA), Jenny Ross (Al Jazeera English, UK), Milka Pavlicevic (ZDF/ARTE, Germany), Alex Szalat (ARTE France, France), Rahdi Taylor (Sundance Documentary Fund, USA), Lois Vossen (ITVS, USA), Sandra Whipham (producer, consultant, UK), Katja Wildermuth (MDR, Germany).

    Send the application form at the latest on September 11 2009 via

    e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Any application received after this date shall not be considered. Applying is free of charge.

    More information: www.DOCUinter.net/EastEuropeanForum