Last call for MEGA PLUS application

    What is the MEGA PLUS

    MEGA PLUS is a nine month POST-GRADUATE COURSE degree in Audiovisual Management. The course will be divided into fourteen weeks of academic training, an internship of six months in a European production or distribution company and a final evaluation week. MEGA PLUS offers training for young professionals of the audiovisual industry wishing to expand their knowledge of all issues related to the management of an audiovisual company. MEGA PLUS also allows participants to understand how to develop, produce and distribute an audiovisual project within the current European audiovisual landscape.

    What is the MBS

    One of the foremost training and R&D centres in Europe, the Media Business School has the backing of the MEDIA PLUS Programme and MEDIA International Programme of the European Union. The Media Business School also has the support of various leading companies and key players in the European audiovisual industry: the Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales de España (ICAA), New Media Law, Deloitte, Unicaja Savings Bank and City Council of Ronda, among others.

    As a training centre, the MBS has had a lasting impact on the careers of over 3000 European audiovisual professionals. The courses organised by the MBS offer the highest available calibre of training and are designed to boost the projects and careers of audiovisual professionals while catering to the needs of new entrants to the audiovisual industries as well as those of experienced producers and executives of the industry. The MBS regularly co-operates with professionals and institutions from Europe and the Americas, and has a longstanding tradition of recruiting some of the world's leading audiovisual professionals as instructors.

    The MBS offers a complete set of training and consulting programmes that range from entry-level specialisation courses to intensive training for experienced producers and executives, which includes the prestigious Master in European Audiovisual Management (MEGA PLUS). In addition, the MBS organises many training activities for and with a number of institutions and organisations around the world.

    More informations: http://mega.mediaschool.org/