Asterix at the Olympic Games tops 300,000 admissions (Feb. 5)

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    We are excited to let you know that
    Asterix at the Olympic Games released in Poland only 10 days has already 300.000 admissions

    „Asterix at the Olympic Games", which opened in Poland on January, 25th , has been already seen by 296 136 viewers. It is so far the best result in Polish Box Office for a movie in its first week of opening. Only last weekend, „Asterix at the Olympic Games", has been seen by 89 927 viewers.

    The Polish audience highly appreciated the Gaul wit and the exceptional possibility to see sport stars in new roles. Polish dubbing has turned out to be a real success, especially Cesar, dubbed by Daniel Olbrychski and Obelix - Wiktor Zborowski.

    The best, however, was Borys Szyc, who was truly extraordinary in his spontaneous and breathtaking portrayal of Brutus.

    „perfect movie to see with friends, dubbing is a true mastery - recommended"


    Also, the advertising campaign of NESTLÉ cornflakes has been launched: the company has a special surprise for kids - in promo cornflake packages of "Asterix at the Olympic Games" kids may find jumping discs and in some grocery stores there will appear Obelix dummies. Trailer from the movie may be watched by the shelves with cornflakes.

    Asterix at the Olympic Games
    three countries - three times No.1

    In Central Europe the movie Asterix at the Olympic Games attracted in its opening four days 121. 898 cinema goers. The movie was released on January 31st in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia with these results for the opening weekend (Thursday - Sunday): Czech Republic - 53.220 admissions, Hungary - 42.726 admissions, Slovakia 25.952 admissions.

    The previous feature films on Asterix and Obelix have not achieved such success during the first weekend: Asterix and Obelix: Contra Ceasar (1999) saw 5.408 cinema goers in the Czech Republic and 8.486 cinema goers in Slovakia. (For Hungary the data is not available.)

    In 2002 Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatre opened with 10.281 admissions in the Czech Republic and 7.017 admissions in Slovakia. (For Hungary the data is not available.)


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