Jerzy Skolimowsk's Golden Globe hopeful Four Nights with Anna could find competition at home: recently announced Oscar candidate Tricks is also hoping to be entered in the Golden Globe foreign film race.

Jacek Bromski was re-elected president of the Association of Polish Filmmakers for a third term at a general meeting of the association on Dec. 15. Bromski has been holding this function since 1996.

On Nov. 7, a new national distributor, the Polish Film Foundation, formally begins operations by introducing to domestic cinemas 40 copies of Twist of Fate (Korowód) by director Jerzy Stuhr.

Poland is in the process of creating regional film funds to better support film productions that are thematically connected with the region. By January 2008, there will be six such regional film funds.

Katyń, Andrzej Wajda's long-awaited film about one of the most tragic events in Polish history, attracted 265,000 viewers in its first weekend on Polish screens

Tricks, Andrzej Jakimowski's bittersweet story of a fatherless boy who attempts to tempt fate in working-class Poland, captured the "Golden Lion" at the 32nd Polish Film Festival which closed this weekend in Gdynia.

The Era New Horizons International Film Festival, in Wroclaw, Poland, came to a close on July 29. The international jury composed of Ron Havilio, an Israeli film director; Marina Fabbri, an Italian film critic, and Marion Hänsel, a Belgian film director, awarded the main prize of €26.5 thousand to an independent feature titled Raj za daleko (Paradise Too Far), directed by Radoslaw Markiewicz.

Jerzy Skolimowski, a Polish director permanently residing in the U.S.A., plans to stand behind the camera again with Cztery noce z Anna (Four Nights with Anna). It is a story of a medical waste incinerator worker fascinated with a nurse. Desperate, he puts the woman to sleep just to watch her. Through this film, Skolimowski wants to examine the theme of a need for intimacy, about the impossibility to communicate and the loneliness of the present time.