Jerzy Skolimowski plans new project


    Jerzy Skolimowski, a Polish director permanently residing in the U.S.A., plans to stand behind the camera again with Cztery noce z Anna (Four Nights with Anna). It is a story of a medical waste incinerator worker fascinated with a nurse. Desperate, he puts the woman to sleep just to watch her. Through this film, Skolimowski wants to examine the theme of a need for intimacy, about the impossibility to communicate and the loneliness of the present time.

    Skolimowski is looking in Poland for his cast and crew. Paulo Branco and Alma Films (www.alma-films.com), an Israeli film production company, will provide 2.1 of the budget, which will be 70 percent of the total cost. The shooting sessions are to start in Szczytno, Poland this autumn.

    In films such as Hands Up! or Barrier, which showed the Polish communist reality, Skolimowski experimented with the language of the cinema. He left Poland in 1967, and then lived and worked abroad. He is also the writer of such films as Deep End and Moonlighting. He has not made any other films since 30 Door Key in 1991 and has mainly painted artwork since then.