GDYNIA: Katarzyna Rosłaniec plans to leave the world of teenage girls in distress and is developing a drama inspired by  her present life experiences.

GDYNIA: Gdynia Film Festival focuses on showcasing Polish cinema, but the Polish Film Institute Awards remind the filmmakers and viewers how important it is to promote film and develop events and ideas that build audiences. During a special celebratory gala held at Gdynia on 10 September 2013, the Institute recognized the achievements of those people and institutions that were instrumental in publicizing Polish cinema both locally an abroad in the past year.

GDYNIA: Paweł Pawlikowski explores the issues of family and identity in his new drama Ida, , screening at the 38th Gdynia fest, which recounts the story of Anna, a novice in a convent determined to contact her only living relative, Wanda, before she takes her vows. Wanda informs her of her Jewish heritage and together the two women embark on a journey to discover the tragic history of their family.

GDYNIA: Tomasz Wasilewski has created an emotional image of a man struggling with his identity in Floating Skyscrapers, screening at the 38th Gdynia fest, which follows the life of a young man who leads a "picture perfect" life, with his rocketing career in professional sports and a loving woman at his side. When he discovers that he is attracted to another man he is forced to re-evealute everything he thought he believed in. Wasilewski creates an powerful story confronting what it means to finally grow up.

GDYNIA: Jacek Bromski goes back in time with his coming-of-age road movie set in 1969.

GDYNIA: Sławomir Fabicki created an intimate, psychological drama about a marriage struggling trough an episode that changes a couple's lives forever.

GDYNIA: Wojciech Smarzowski explores the dark side of human nature in his box office hit drama based on the real workings of a traffic police officer.

GDYNIA: Bodo Kox creates his own surreal outlook on what it means to be alone and enter relationships with The Girl from the Wardrobe, in which protagonist Jacek is taking care of his autistic brother Tomek. They have their own routine that is broken when an elderly neighbor who looks after Tomek from time to time is unable to help them. Jacek has to turn to a mysterious girl who just moved into their building. The autistic man strikes up an unlikely friendship with the beautiful, neurotic woman.


PRAGUE: Applications for funding for more than 400 Czech film project proposals have poured into the online site of the Czech Cinematography Fund this week in the wake of the Czech government's ratification last last month of the new film law governing the body.

GDYNIA: Katarzyna Rosłaniec provokes with a surreal, eye-catching outlook on teenage pregnancy with Baby Blues, screening at the 38th Gdynia fest. The story centers on Natalia (Magdalena Berus), a 17-teen-year-old who got pregnant with her high school boyfriend and is creative but immature. Her child is more of a fashion accessory to its parents then anything else. When the young couple fails to grow up, tragic consequences ensue. Rosłaniec chooses a very youthful, camp aesthetic to convey the feelings and fears of a modern teenager.