PRODUCTION: Katarzyna Rosłaniec in Development on Grown-up Drama

    Director Katarzyna Rosłaniec at the premiere of "Bejbi Blues" Director Katarzyna Rosłaniec at the premiere of "Bejbi Blues"

    GDYNIA: Katarzyna Rosłaniec plans to leave the world of teenage girls in distress and is developing a drama inspired by  her present life experiences.

    Rosłaniec, considered one of the most controversial young Polish film makers, talked to FNE at the 38th Gdynia Film Festival, saying, "I think I'm done with making films about teenagers, at least for now. When I shot Mall Girls and Baby Blues I was still in a very immature frame of mind. Now I am finishing a new script and my leading character is 28-years old, lives in the big city and is surrounded by very different people, art and show business. Her world is close to my present world."

    The mystery project has no title yet, but Rosłaniec said she plans to shoot in August 2014 with a planned budget of 2 million EUR. "The picture will be produced by a Polish producer Manana, a company that made Jacek Borcuch's Lasting, where Magdalena Berus plays the lead. Magdalena made her début in my film, Baby Blues, and we are very close. She as very comfortable working with Manana and I feel it is a good direction."