PRODUCTION: Sławomir Fabicki in preparation with a family feature

    Director Sławomir Fabicki Director Sławomir Fabicki

    WARSAW: After years in development, Sławomir Fabicki confirmed to FNE that he will start works on Bonobo Jingo in June of 2014. The cast of the film will include a chimpanzee.

    Bonobo Jingo will follow the lives of two brothers, a 1- and 13-yeard-old who live with their parents in an abandoned train wagon. The boys come up with petty cash by joining small time crooks and robbing the content of other wagons.  One day, they make a mistake and unhook the wagon where the parcel is...a chimpanzee.

    The projects has been in development since 2007. "It took us so long because this is a complicated production, not a lot of this type of film is made in Europe nowadays. I wanted to fill this void and make a film that I would like to show to my own children", the director Sławomir Fabicki told FNE during the 38 Gdynia Film Festival, where his second feature "Loving" was awarded with the Special Jury Prize.

    The shoot for Bonobo Jingo isplanned for the summer of 2014. The producer is Opus Film and the director informed FNE that the title will be a coproduction with Denmark, Norway and Germany. The planned budget has not yet been revealed. The project had already received 4m PLN in financing from the Polish Film Institute.