Gdynia Winner Develops United States Of Love

    Director Tomasz Wasilewski Director Tomasz Wasilewski

    GDYNIA: Tomasz Wasilewski, winner of the Young Directing Talent Prize at the 38th Gdynia Film Festival spoke exclusively with FNE about his new project currently in development.

    "My third project is entitled United States of Love and will be focused mainly on female characters. It is a portrayal of women living in Poland during the fall of communism and the very beginning of the 90's. Currently I am wrapping up the final version of the script with a shoot planned for the first half of 2014," the director told FNE. "We are developing this project with a plan of seeking out at least one foreign coproducer. The Polish producer is Manana."

    Wasilewski screened his critically acclaimed drama in Gdynia, Floating Scyscapers (www.alteregopictures.pl) which won the East of the West competition at Karlovy Vary (www.kviff.com). The international jury of the Gdynia Film Festival awarded the Young Directing Talent prize to Wasilewski, an award given to promising young Polish filmmakers, and a Best Supporting Actress Award for Marta Nieradkiewicz for her role in his film.

    Wasilewski was the second director for 33 Scenes from Life by Małgorzata Szumowska (www.pandorafilm.com). He made his feature debut in 2012 with the highly praised drama In the Bedroom starring Katarzyna Herman, where he explored the issues of forming relationships and looking for one's identity.