Seven years after Poland decided to make the film industry a priority with both money and expertise that established the Polish Film Institute (PISF), Polish cinema is a well-established presence locally and internationally, with critical acclaim as well as an enviable 30 percent share of the box office at home and a thriving local television production scene.

WROCŁAW: Director Dominga Sotomayor Castillo won the Grand Prix and 20000 EUR for his new drama From Thursday till Sunday (De jueves a domingo, Chile,

WARSAW: "Rose" directed by Wojciech Smarzowski had won seven Polish Film Awards: The Eagles, including prizes for Best Film and Best Directing.

{mosimage}WARSAW: Film critics of the Polish Filmmakers Association and FIPRESCI have chosen the best productions of the year.

{mosimage}WARSAW: Members of the Polish Film Academy decided to recognize Janusz Majewski for his life's work.

A special press conference was held by the Polish Film Academy in Warsaw on 29 February to award the filmmakers and actors with official nominations for the Polish Film Awards as well as to announce the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award Janusz Majewski.

{mosimage}WARSAW: 11.8 million of Polish viewers had chosen Polish films in the last year, establishing a new record result for local productions.

WARSAW: Jacek Borcuch, director of All That I Love, is developing Lasting Moments, a drama that once again deals with the problems of youth.

WARSAW: The Polish Filmmakers' Association (SFP, ) is launching a retrospective of new Chinese cinema. The third edition of the event is taking place in Warsaw and Łódź between 21 and 30 September 2010.

WARSAW: Janusz Zaorski had just ended the first part of principal photography for Polish Sibiriad (Syberiada Polska), about a dark episode in the Polish history - the fate of Poles who were deported by the Soviet NKVD to Siberia in 1940.

WARSAW: Józef and Michal Skolimowscy, in the midst of shooting Ixjana Z piekła rodem (Ixjana Straight from Hell), are working with an all-star cast for their first major feature project.