Polish Film Academy announces Lifetime Award


    {mosimage}WARSAW: Members of the Polish Film Academy decided to recognize Janusz Majewski for his life's work.

    A special press conference was held by the Polish Film Academy in Warsaw on 29 February to award the filmmakers and actors with official nominations for the Polish Film Awards as well as to announce the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award Janusz Majewski.

    Janusz Majewski is a renowned Polish filmmaker, screenwriter and a long time film professor. He is the author of over 15 feature films including The Roommate (1966), Zaklęte rewiry (1975), Jealousy and Medicine (1975), H.M. Deserters (1985), After the season (2005) and most recently Little Baccalaureate 1947 ( 2010). The director was awarded numerous times during the most important international film events including festivals in San Francisco, Buffalo, Vancouver, Cork, Mannheim and Prague.

    The Polish Film Awards: Eagles ( www.pnf.pl) are considered to be the most significant Polish film prizes. " The fact that the nominations and awards are given to the filmmakers by their peers has great importance. This type of recognition, given by the best representatives of one's field is sure to boost the confidence of a film director, camera operator or an actor" Dariusz Jabłoński, a Polish film director, producer and the President of The Independent Film Foundation told FNE. "This is the fourteenth edition and by now the Eagles have become very prestigious awards that are recognized internationally. I've noticed that manly Polish filmmakers are listing the fact that they were even nominated in their professional CV's because this indicates the quality of the work." he adds.

    The members of the Polish Film Academy had chosen the nominees out of 41 Polish feature films presented in the season 2011/2012. "That
    number of films is sufficient for Polish filmmakers to show their range and present what they are capable of. For the first time the members of Academy have complained that there is actually not enough nominations to give out and therefore several very good Polish productions couldn't be recognized. This is the best evidence of the growing quality of Polish film production" said Dariusz Jabłoński.

    Full List of nominees for the Polish Film Awards for films of 2011:

    1. Best European Film

    The King's Speech by Tom Hooper, UK

    by Lars von Trier - Denmark/ Sweden/ France/ Germany

    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by Thomas Alfredson - France/ UK/ Germany

    2. Best Editor

    Marcin "Kot" Bastkowski - Battle of Warsaw 1920/ (Bitwa Warszawska 1920)

    Rafał Listopad - Black Thursday/ (Czarny Czwartek. Janek Wiśniewski padł)

    Jarosław Kamiński - My Name is Ki/ (Ki)

    Bartosz Pietras - Suicide Room/ (Sala Samobójców)

    Anna Wagner - In the Name of the Devil/ (W Imieniu Diabła)

    3. Best Sound

    Krzysztof Jastrząb - Rite of Passage/ (Mała Matura 1947)

    Jacek Hamela, Katarzyna Dzida - Hamela - Rosa/ (Róża)

    Bartosz Putkiewicz - Suicide Room/ (Sala Samobójców)

    4. Best Set Design

    Andrzej Haliński - Battle of Warsaw 1920/ (Bitwa Warszawska 1920)

    Katarzyna Sobańska, Marcel Sławiński - Mill and Cross/ (Młyn i Krzyż)

    Erwin Prib, Katarzyna Sobańska, Marcel Sławiński - In Darkness/ (W Ciemności)

    5. Discovery of the Year

    Adrian Panek - Director - Daas/ (Daas)

    Leszek Dawid - Director - My name is Ki/ (Ki)

    Jan Komasa - Director - Suicie Room/ (Sala Samobójców)

    6. Best Cinematography

    Adam Sikora, Lech Majewski - Mill and Cross/ (Młyn I Krzyż)

    Piotr Sobociński jr - Rosa/ (Rosa)

    Jolanta Dylewska - In Darkness/ (W Ciemności)

    7. Best Costumes

    Barbara Sikorska - Bouffał - Daas/ (Daas)

    Dorota Roqueplo - Mill and Cross/ (Młyn i Krzyż)

    Jagna Janicka, Katarzyna Lewińska - In Darkness/ (W Ciemności)

    8. Best Supporting Actress

    Kinga Preis - Rosa/ (Róża)

    Roma Gąsiorowska - Żurawska - Suicide Room/ (Sala Samobójców)

    Kinga Preis - In Darkness/ (W Ciemności)

    9. Best Supporting Actor

    Adam Ferency - Battle of Warsaw 1920/ (Bitwa Warszawska 1920)

    Wojciech Pszoniak - The mole/ (Kret)

    Jacek Braciak - Rosa/ (Róża)

    10. Best Sound

    Michał Lorenc - Black Thursday/ (Czarny Czwartek. Janek Wiśniewski padł)

    Józef Skrzek, Lech Majewski - Mill and Cross/ (Młyn i Krzyż)

    Antoni Komasa - Łazarkiewicz - In Darkness/ (W Ciemności)

    11. Best Script

    Michał Szczerbic - Rosa/ (Róża)

    Jan Komasa - Suicide Room/ (Sala Samobójców)

    David F. Shamoon - In Darkness/ (W Ciemności)

    Greg Zgliński, Janusz Margański - Courage/ (Wymyk)

    12. Best Actor

    Marcin Dorociński - Rosa/ (Róża)

    Jakub Gierszał - Suicide Room/ (Sala Samobójców)

    Robert Więckiewicz - In Darkness/ (W Ciemnośći)

    13. Best Actress

    Roma Gąsiorowska - My Name is Ki/ (Ki)

    Agata Kulesza - Rosa/ (Róża)

    Agnieszka Grochowska - In Darkness/ (W Ciemności)

    14. Best Director

    Wojtek Smarzowski - Rosa/ (Róża)

    Jan Komasa - Suicide Room/ (Sala Samobójców)

    Agnieszka Holland - In Darkness/ (W Ciemności)

    15. Best Film

    Rosa/ (Róża) by Wojtek Smarzowski

    Suicie Room/ (Sala Samobójców) by Jan Komasa

    In Darkness/ (W Ciemności) by Agnieszka Holland