WARSAW: SPInka Film Studio and Human Ark will create a series based on the popular Polish comic books Tim and the Master.

WARSAW: ATM Group, one of Poland’s largest independent production companies, has signed a 37 m PLN contract with private broadcaster Polsat to provide the station with new content and services.

WARSAW: Polish channel devoted to local productions with a special focus on classics started its broadcast on 20. December 2003.

WARSAW: Latvia's Oscar candidate Mother I Love You will be distributed in India while Poland's celebrated Papusza was sold to Japan.

WARSAW: The worldwide FilmBox Arthouse TV channel is set to launch in January 2014 starting with Central and Eastern Europe and USA.

WARSAW: An award of 50 000 USD and screenings at the newly created FilmBox Arthouse TV Channel await filmmakers who enter the annual FilmBox Movie Award Competition.

WARSAW: Film industry leaders and AV policy makers from central and eastern Europe see a new and more active role for their AV industries in the upcoming Creative Europe programme that kicks off next year.

WARSAW: The Polish animated children’s series Flapper and Friends has been funded for a second season and has been picked up by Zodiak Rights Limited, a US company specializing in family entertainment.

KRAKOW: Poland’s Alvernia Studios is partnering on the international coproduction Magnitude 9, a modern version of the Madame Butterfly story, which will be shot in Japan in 2014.

WARSAW: Borys Lankosz, director of the box office hit Reverse, will bring Zygmunt Miłoszewski's novel A Grain of Truth to the screen, with the Polish Film Institute cofinancing 50% of the project.