Polish Attendance Falls in 2013

    Traffic Department by Wojciech Smarzowski Traffic Department by Wojciech Smarzowski

    WARSAW: Cinema attendance in Poland dropped almost 6% in 2013 compared to 2012, to 36.3 m viewers, but the interest in domestic productions held strong.

    In 2013 Polish cinemas noted the lowest audience number since 2008, with a per capita attendance of 0.94. In the previous years attendance was consistently above 38 million viewers (38.7 m in 2011 and 38.5 m in 2012).

    The Polish Film Institute informed FNE that 39 Polish films premiered in local cinemas last year, selling 7.2 m tickets, or 20% of the overall attendance number for 2013. The figure is more than 1 million higher than in 2012 (6.2 m), indicating that Polish viewers have a growing interest in films made in their own country by local filmmakers. The record year for Polish titles was 2011, when 11.8 m tickets (30% of all admissions) were sold for domestic films.

    The most popular Polish film of 2013 was Traffic Department from Wojciech Smarzowski with 1,015,418 tickets sold, coming in second place for overall box office in Poland with 19.3 m PLN. The film was produced by  Film It in coproduction with Agora SA, Telekomunikacja Polska SA and Canal+ with the support of the Polish Film Institute and premiered on 1 February 2013 with 176,732 tickets sold on the opening weekend.

    The second most watched Polish film of last year was Wałęsa. A Man Of Hope directed by Andrzej Wajda which premiered in Polish cinemas on 4 October 2013 has 956,514 admissions. The title was produced by Akson Studio in coproduction with Telewizja Polska and Canal + and supported by the Polish Film Institute. The third place is held by a Polish thriller Vulture directed by Eugeniusz Korin with 603,849 admissions. The title, produced by Scorpio Studio, an independent Polish production company founded by Sylwia Wilkos, Roman Gutek and Klaudiusz Frydrych, premiered in Polish cinemas on 11 January 2013.

    The most popular foreign title was Hobbit. The Desolation of Smaug with 1,160,770 viewers.

    Top Polish titles in 2013:

    Traffic Department -  1,015,418
    Wałęsa. A Man Of Hope – 956,514
    Vulture – 603,849
    Closed Circuit – 591,448
    Betrayed – 425,711
    Baby Blues – 423,229
    Overall attendance:

    2011- 38.7 m
    2012 – 38.5 m
    2013 – 36.3 m

    Attendance per capita:

    2011 -  1.01
    2012 – 1.00
    2013 -  0.94

    All box office data provided by the Polish Film Institute and BOXOFFICE.PL