ScripTeast Heads to Berlin


    BERLIN: Members of the eighth edition of ScripTeast will have a chance to showcase their work to key film professionals at the European Film Market during the 64th Berlinale.

    The International Film Festival in Berlin is another stop for the members of the programme who are authors of the best script ideas entered in this year’s edition of ScripTeast a programme designed as a "gate" for film professionals from the region to enter the international film market. The festival will host 10 screenwriters from Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria. Their stay in Berlin is the third stage of the programme, following a three-month-long on-line rewriting process resulting in new drafts of their scripts created under supervision and with advice of a chosen Creative Advisers and Head of Studies that included Christian Routh, Tom Abrams, Antonio Saura, Diana Elbaum and Ben Hopkins.

    The session held in Berlin is designed for the authors to confront the realities of the market with their rewritten scripts.

    "Berlin is a significant time for the programme. We will launch a broad promotion campaign for the scripts. I think that each of our authors has a dream to later come back to Berlin but in a different capacity: as the winner of one of the festival prizes," said Violetta Kamińska from Independent Film Foundation and the General Director of the program.

    The session in Berlin will be followed by another on-line session and the final meeting of the eighth edition of the programme will take place in Cannes. The author of the best script developed within the program will receive the  Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Award. The list of past winners includes screenwriters and filmmakers such as Benedek Filegauf, Jacek Bławut and Ioan Antoci who later went on to achieve major success on the international film market.

    ScripTeast is organized by the Independent Film Foundation and supported by Media Program of EU, Polish Film Institute, Polish Television and Apple Film Production, in cooperation with the European Film Academy, the ACE Program, Producers Network, Final Draft, Film New Europe and festivals in Berlin, Cannes and Karlovy Vary.

    The full list of scripts follows:

    BORN IN VIENNA –   Éva Pataki,  Márta Mészáros, Zoltán Jancsó (Hungary)

    HOLIDAY –   Paweł Ferdek, Arkadiusz Milcarz (Poland)

    KINGS‘ SHIFT-   Ignas Miškinis, Saulius Drunga (Liyhuania)

    LIFE BEATS REALITY –   Andreea Vălean (Romania)

    MERICAN CHICK –   Evita Naušová, Viktor Tauš (Czech Republic)

    MINISTRY OF LOVE –   Pavo Marinković (Croatia)

    MY FRIEND BOEING –   Matevž Luzar (Slovenia)

    MY NAME IS DAMJAN –   Suzana Tratnik, Maja Weiss (Slovenia)

    EXIT –   Agnieszka Trzos, Jarosław Kamiński (Poland)

    CALL ME SHAKESPEARE–   Valeri Yordanov (Bulgaria)