Radovan Sibrt: Czech Republic

    Radovan Sibrt Radovan Sibrt

    1. What are your hopes and expectations from Emerging Producers?

    It would be great to meet a few producers who share similar views on film and who could potentially become partners in producing such films.

    2. What are YOU bringing to Emerging Producers?

    That is very much connected to the first question. I am “bringing” me, my knowledge and ideas as a partner.

    3. What is the position of documentary film in your country?

    Each year there are few films, if any, worth mentioning, the rest are very locally focused with no potential or ambition to go international. Sometimes they lack any ambition whatsoever. These are usually TV productions with very limited means and the result proves that this is not the way I and my production company PINK Productions would like to work.

    4. What are the coproduction possibilities for documentary producers in your country?

    There is always a chance. It depends on the topic and focus of the film as well as on the way you fight for it. We are currently working on a minor coproduction with the Romanian Libra Film, Cinema, mon Amour, and although it came as a surprise to many, we got funding from the State Film Fund. And this is not the only case. This has been improving a little in recent years.

    5. What are your thoughts on the system of funding of documentary films today?

    I find the system of combining local sources like national broadcasters and film funds with international coproducers very promising and see it as the only solution that brings really convincing results. Of course I would find some exceptions.

     6. Which producer is your inspiration and ideal?

    As I started as a director, naturally this was the area of my inspiration. Concerning the producers I will have to work on it. I don’t have an inspiration or ideal yet.

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