FESTIVALS: MofA Film Festival Ready to Kick Off


    SOFIA: The first edition of the Master of Art International Documentary Film Festival, a showcase of documentary films devoted to arts, will be held in Sofia from 15 to 22 April 2016.

    Initiated by the journalist/director/producer Nayo Titzin, the festival is organised by his company Spotlight, the National Palace of Culture and the Master of Art Foundation.

    A total of 24 films from 11 countries, produced after 1 January 2014, will compete in the following categories: Music and Dance, Theatre and Cinema, Fine Art and Photography, Architecture and Design, Literature. An additional Video Art and Advertising section will attract professionals in the area.

    Henrik von Sydow (Sweden), Marie-Odile Demay (Canada), Phil Grabsky (UK), Sevda Shishmanova and Nayo Titzin (Bulgaria) are the members of the international jury.

    “The idea for the festival came to me as a result of my numerous participations in similar international events. After a lot of observation I decided to create an isle of spirituality in my own country, that would focus both on documentaries and art. Furthermore, I am proud that this festival, which will bring together high quality productions on art, is the first in the Balkans”, artistic director Titzin told FNE.

    Line Up:


    Written by Mrs Bach (UK)
    Directed by Alex McCall & Irini Vachlioti

    Rumba Tres, There & Back Again (Spain)
    Directed by Juan Capdevila Garcia &David Casademunt Izquierdo

    Maiko: Dancing Child (Norway)
    Directed by Ase Svenheim Drivenes

    What Would Beethoven Do? (USA)
    Directed by Jonathan Keijser

    Alive Inside (USA)
    Directed by Michael Rossato-Bennett


    Fellini vs. Visconti: Italian Standoff (France)
    Directed by Marie Dominique Montel & Christopher Jones

    Leslie’s Journey (Spain)
    Directed by Marcos Nine Bua

    Sebastian Barrio - The Fabulous Destiny of a Porn Star (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Aglika Delahaye

    Animata Resistenza (Italy)
    Directed by Francesco Montagner &Alberto Girotto

    Cinema: a Public Affair (Germany)
    Directed by Tatiana Brandrup


    Beltracchi - The Art of Forgery (Germany)
    Directed by Arne Birkenstock

    The Man Who Saved the Louvre (France)
    Directed by Jean-Pierre Devillers &Pierre Pochard

    Frame by Frame (USA)
    Directed by Alexandria Bombach, Mo Scarpelli

    Flâneur (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Antoaneta Bachurova andVladimir Lyutskanov

    David La Chapelle - Revolution (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Georgi Toshev, Yavor Vesselinov

    Dalí's Last Masterpiece (Spain)
    Directed by David Pujol


    Making Space: 5 Women Changing the Face of Architecture (USA)
    Directed by Ultan Guilfoyles

    Saving Mes Aynak (USA)
    Directed by Brent E. Huffman

    Neon (Poland)
    Directed by Eric Bednarski

    The New Rijksmuseum (Netherlands)
    Directed by Oeke Hoogendijk


    The Alphabet of Fear (Netherlands)
    Directed by John Albert Jansen

    Gabo - The Creation of Gabriel García Márquez (Spain)
    Directed by Justin Webster

    Bird in the Room (Israel)
    Directed by Ari Davidovich

    Innocence of Memory (UK)
    Directed by Grant Gee