SOFIA: Total admissions in Bulgaria in 2022 were 3,957,349 and total gross was 26,883,358 EUR, compared to 2,553,845 admissions and 12,616,137 EUR gross in 2021, according to the Bulgarian National Film Center. Two domestic films made it into the Top Ten.

SOFIA: Andrey M Paunov’s debut feature January will be released in cinemas and on demand in the UK on 27 January 2023 by New East Cinema.

SOFIA: Bulgarian 12-part TV series Grapes of Guilt and War of Letters have their premiere on the Bulgarian National Television in January 2023. Instead of having one series wait for the other, the national broadcaster chose to offer the audience of millions two top Bulgarian TV productions during three full months.

SOFIA: Millennium Media’s sci-fi thriller Subservience will receive the biggest amount of nearly 1m EUR among the six projects that qualified for the new 25% cash rebate scheme from the Bulgarian National Film Center. A total of over 1.5 m EUR will be distributed.

SOFIA: Scriptwriter Dimitar Stoyanovich completed the shooting of his first feature film Flesh, which is produced by PREMIERstudio and supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center.

SOFIA: The privately financed Bulgarian/Hungarian Axis of Life directed by Atanas Hristoskov and produced by Invictus in coproduction with the Ganges Indian-Hungarian Cultural Foundation, is one of the first productions approved for cash rebate in Bulgaria since the country launched its cash rebate scheme in January 2022. The project expects to receive over 100,000 EUR, which is 25% of the qualification costs during the shooting in Bulgaria in the early autumn of 2022.

SOFIA: Bulgaria’s main autumn event Cinemania (Kinomania) will take place in the towns of Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna between 17 November and 4 December 2022.

SOFIA: The Innocent by Louis Garrel was awarded Best Fiction Adaptation at the 8th edition of the International Book&Movie Festival CineLibri, which wrapped in Sofia.

SOFIA: Following a summer/autumn shooting carried out in three steps in Bulgaria, London and Beverly Hills, the new dramatic thriller The Wheels of Heaven, produced by Dessy Tenekedjieva’s Sofia based Black Sea Film in association with UK’s Goldfinch, entered postproduction in London.

SOFIA: The eminent writer, director and screenwriter Angel Wagenstein, who turned 100 years old on 17 October 2022, was celebrated during the 8th edition of the International Book & Movie Festival CineLibri.

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