GRANTS: Bulgaria Announces First Grants for 2016


    SOFIA: The Bulgarian National Film Center allotted approximately 1.8 m EUR / 3.5 m BGN in its first session in 2016, on 2 June. Only four feature films received funding: two of them with higher budgets, one with a smaller budget and one debut.

    The projects are only approved by the NFC Selective committee. In order to determine the final amounts of the grants the NFC requires the producers to assure the total financing of their films.

    The total amount for the two higher budget films,Traveling Cinema written by director Ilya Kostov and produced through his company Nike I, and Letters from Antarctica written by Teodora Markova, Nevena Kertova and Georgi Ivanov and produced by director Stanislav Donchev’s company DynamicArts, is approximately 1.3 m EUR / 2.35 m BGN. Letters from Antarctica participated in the 10th ScripTeast workshop 2015/2016.

    ARS Digital Studio, producer of the low budget film Twisted World written by Emil Bonev and directed by Marius Kurkinski, is expecting to receive up to 255,270 EUR / 500,000 BNG.

    Established distributor Hristo Dermendjiev, who is producing through his company A Plus Films the debut film Yataghan written by Hristo Hristov and directed by Vladimir Borissov, is expecting to receive up to 178,689 EUR / 350,000 BGN.

    A total of 102,108 EUR / 200,000 BGN was allotted to five shorts and 51,054 EUR / 100,000 BGN was allotted to four scripts in development.

    Click HERE for the grants chart.