FNE at the Golden Rose National Film Festival: Labyrinths of Love

    Labyrinths Of Love by Vladimir Shterianov; Yana Marinova Labyrinths Of Love by Vladimir Shterianov; Yana Marinova

    VARNA: Vladimir Shterianov’s Russian/Bulgarian coproduction Labyrinths of Love will screen in the main competition of the 34th Golden Rose National Film Festival running from 19 to 25 September 2016. The film stars Russian popular actor/sportsman Sergiej Badyuk and Bulgarian karate world champion Alexandra Marinova.

    Labyrinths of Love is composed of five independent stories focusing on different love stories of young people, surrounded by all types of modern technologies. Two of them involve Russians, while the other three mix Russians and Bulgarians. One story runs through the whole film and follows a famous karate Kyokushin coach, who discovers that the talented young woman he is training for a world championship is his own daughter.

    “People nowadays are connected by satellites and Wi-Fi devices, and they believe distance does not exist. Nevertheless, I am convinced that nothing is more precious than live communication, especially when it comes to love”, Shterianov told FNE.

    The film was shot during the spring of 2015. Two thirds of the locations were around Sofia, the rest in Moscow. The cast includes Ralitsa Paskaleva, Egor Timtsunik, Anthony Penev, Boryana Bratoeva and Robin Kafaliev.

    The budget is nearly 800,000 EUR. The film was produced by Russia’s Karo Production in coproduction with Bulgaria’s Beta Lenta. The film was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation with 500,000 EUR and by the Bulgarian National Film Center with 100,000 EUR.

    Labyrinths of Love premiered at the 20th Sofia IFF. The Love is Folly IFF also screened it in August 2016. The Russian and Bulgarian premieres are planned for the first half of 2017.

    Vladimir Shterianov is a Bulgarian actor/director living and working in Moscow. Labyrinths of Love is his second feature film.

    Production Information:
    Beta Lenta
    Vladimir Shterianov
    Evlogui I Hristo Georgievi Boul. 40
    Sofia 1124
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    Director: Vladimir Shterianov
    Screenwriters: Gennadiy Nemih, Vladimir Shterianov
    DoP: Emil Topuzov
    Music: Hristo Kirilov, Tatiana Zalujnaya - Lyubasha, Sergey Skripnikov
    Cast: Sergey Badyuk, Yana Marinova, Ralitsa Paskaleva, Egor Timtsunik, Anthony Penev, Boryana Bratoeva, Robin Kafaliev, Tony Minasyan, Alexandra Marinova, Maria Nasirova, Grigoriy Kalinin, Olga Mihaylova, Alexander Bobrov, Andrey Subbotin, Elena Subbotina, Karolina Bratanova, Vesta Burkot, Daria Spirina, Hristo Kirilov