Sofia Meetings Kicks Off With 25 Projects


    SOFIA: The 14th edition of the Sofia Meetings coproduction market will host 25 project of first, second and third films. The event is set to take place within the 21st Sofia International Film Fest, from 16 to 19 March 2017.

    The Second Film Projects segment of the Bulgarian main industry platform comprises seven new projects, five of them coming from CEE countries. The Plus minus One Projects segment counts eight projects, three of which are Bulgarian. From the total of ten projects in the Projects in Bank segment, half are Bulgarian.

    Over a hundred guests are expected to attend the Sofia Meetings special events.


    Second Film Projects

    Bedridden (Mongolia)
    Directed by Byamba Sakhya
    Produced by Guru Media (Ariunaa Tserenpil)

    Dust (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ralitsa Petrova
    Produced by Aporia Filmworks, Screening Emotions (Poli Angelova)

    Gingko (Hungary)
    Directed by Gábor Rohonyi & Mónika Mécs
    Produced by Andras Muhi

    Gaumarjos (Georgia)
    Directed by George Varsimashvili
    Produced by Vars-Studio (George Varsimashvili)

    Love Your Neighbor (Israel)
    Directed by Sharon Bar Ziv
    Produced byTransfax Film Production (Marek Rozenbaum)

    Nobody Likes Me (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Tomáš Weinreb & Petr Kazda 
    Produced by Arizona Productions (Guillaume De Seille), Black Balance, Frame Group

    One And a Half Prince (Romania)
    Directed by Ana Lungu
    Produced by Mandragora (Anca Puiu)

    Plus Minus One Projects

    Black Money For White Nights (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Kristina Grozeva & Petar Valchanov
    Produced by Abraxas Film

    Going Blind (Turkey)
    Directed by Haci Orman 
    Produced by Praksis Film, Sade Cinema (Nermin Aytekin)

    Hold (Iceland, Spain)
    Directed byMikel Gurrea
    Produced by Askja Films (Eva Sigurdardottir), Irusoin (Xabier Berzosa)

    Nights And Days (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Konstantin Bojanov
    Produced by Contrast Films (Katya Trichkova)

    O Vassilis O Arvanitis (Greece)
    Directed by Eirini Vachlioti & Panagiotis Kleitharas
    Produced by View Master Films (Costas Labropoulos & George Kyriakos)

    Protected Species (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Hristo Simeonov 
    Produced by Contrast Films (Katya Trichkova)

    Sincerely Mine (The Diary Of My Holidays In Sicily) (Italy-France)
    Directed by Alfredo Covelli
    Produced by Meproducodasolo, TBC Productions (Dominique Marzotto)

    The Tentmaster’s Daughter (United Kingdom)
    Directed by Isabel Anderton 
    Produced by Patchwork Productions (Christine Hartland)

    Projects in Bank:

    Ana Indiana (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Neda Morfova 
    Produced by Wonderland (Maria Metodieva)

    Balkan Samurai (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Petko Gyulchev
    Produced by Izograph (Galina Shtyrbeva)

    Burn With Me (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Andrey Andonov
    Produced by Egregore Films (Jana Karaivanova)

    From Space With Love (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Yassen Genadiev 
    Produced by Menclips (Gergana Stankova)

    January (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Andrey Paunov
    Produced by Portokal (Vanya Rainova)

    Nocturnal (United Kingdom)
    Directed by Nathalie Biancheri
    Produced by Rickshaw Entertainment (Colin Day)

    Plague (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Jan Tesitel
    Produced by Sirena Film (Petra Oplatkova)

    Radio 1 (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Benjamin Tuček
    Produced by Golden Dawn (Daniel Tucek)

    The Wind Seeker (Romania)
    Directed by Mihai Sofronea
    Produced by Libra Film Productions (Tudor Giurgiu)

    Twisted World (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Marius Kurkinski 
    Produced by Ars Digital (Ivan Tonev)