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Bulgaria Boosts Public Funding For Film Featured


SOFIA: The Bulgarian National Film Center will increase the annual amount of film funding by 12.19 percent from 6,411,600 EUR in 2018 to 7,192,854 EUR in 2019. The support for minority coproductions will raise by nearly 50 percent from 613,550 EUR in 2018 to 919,814 EUR in 2019.

Funding for production will increase by 12.34 percent (from 5,399,242 EUR in 2018 to 6,065,456 EUR in 2019).

Funding for low budget films (under 300,000 EUR) will increase by 70.27 percent (from 756,712 EUR to 1,288,456 EUR), while films with budgets higher than 300,000 EUR will receive 11.46 percent less than in 2018 (from 2,167,878 EUR to 1,919,390 EUR in 2019.)

Still, the funding for feature films will increase by 10.11 percent from 3,609,721 EUR in 2018 to 3,974,783 EUR in 2019.

Debut features will receive 10.53 percent more than in 2018 (from 388,582 EUR to 429,485 EUR), and the development support will be increased by 28.57 percent (from 143,162 EUR to 184,065 EUR).

Things will stay more or less as they were for documentaries and animated films in 2018, as documentaries will receive 1.36 percent less funding than in 2018 (554,752 EUR compared to 562,421 EUR), while the public support for animated films will increase by 0.45 percent (to 564,978 EUR , compared to 562,421 EUR in 2018).

According to the legal changes that entered into force in 2018, the national subsidy cannot amount to more than 70 percent of the country’s officially recognised average budget valid during the given year. The one for 2019 has not been announced yet.

On the other hand, the national support for any minority coproduction cannot exceed 50 percent of the Bulgarian share in the film’s total budget.


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