Bulgaria Releases More Funds for Culture and Reopens Cinemas


    SOFIA: Bulgaria’s government has announced its decision to strengthen the independent cultural sector by supporting its needs with nearly 2.5 m EUR. The eagerly awaited financial measures were announced by the Minister of Culture Boil Banov during an official press conference on 11 May 2020. The same day the Ministry of Health authorised the partial opening of smaller cinema halls, but only with a limit of 30 % of their halls' capacity.

    Out of the total, 1.4 m EUR will be directed to freelance artists and independent cultural organisations through the Ministry of Culture and 1.1 m EUR will be allotted through the National Culture Fund.

    Part of the money will be granted in portions of 250,000 EUR each to the theatrical, musical and dance sectors. The same amount will be allotted to a new programme for the visual arts. Another 400,000 EUR will assist the further distribution of the comp;eted products, while 350,000 EUR will support innovative projects performed by one artist and specifically created for the Internet. All selective sessions for film projects will keep their regular schedules.

    Indoor theatrical performances with live actors will continue to be banned, and museums, galleries, libraries and cinema halls will be prohibited from using air conditioning. 

    "This is an intermediate stage. We are working on other measures that will be adopted and announced according to the dynamics of the situation. But there will be no decrease in the funding in any sector of culture and art,” Banov told the media.

    The emergency state in Bulgaria is scheduled to be lifted on 13 May 2020.