FNE at Golden Rose 2020: Do Not Argue With the Bath Staff

    Silva Milkovska and Alexander Triffonov in Do Not Argue With the Bath Staff by Ivan Tscherkelov Silva Milkovska and Alexander Triffonov in Do Not Argue With the Bath Staff by Ivan Tscherkelov

    VARNA: Ivan Tscherkelov’s feature film Do Not Argue With the Bath Staff (Nach-Zach Vision) will screen in the main competition of the 38th Golden Rose National Film Festival (24 September - 1 October 2020). It is the director’s seventh very personal film, once again dealing with existential themes.

    As usually, Tscherkelov wrote the script himself. The plot revolves around a man named Andrey, who lives in his memories, and his sister Dora, who is dying of cancer. The director’s personal experiences are also woven into it.   

    "The main character’s childhood is deeply connected with the town of Lovech, where I was born. Although I did not live there, I regularly spent my vacations there with my grandparents. Actually, it is a film about two people and a city above their heads. I wanted it to be truthful to the details of our everyday life, even in its monotony”, Tscherkelov told the Bulgarian media. “Therefore, it is a film about vague shadows from the past, loneliness, love an incomprehension.”

    Alexander Triffonov plays the role of Andrey. Although not a professional actor, he participated in nearly every film made by the “very demanding director”. Silva Milkovska, a nonprofessional actress, plays Dora. She described her role as rather difficult because “what happens to the character can happen to everyone”. 

    The shooting took place in May 2019, mostly in Lovech, Sofia and Dolna Banya. Preproduction lasted three months, and post-production took six months.  

    Rali Ralchev, a close collaborator with Tscherkelov, is the DoP. He also defines the director as a “very strict person with precise requirements for the visual style”.

    The film was produced by Nach-Zach Vision and supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center. According to producer Atanas Marinov, for whom this is the first collaboration with Tscherkelov, he “strictly followed the shooting schedule and did not allow overtime.”

    The premiere of the film was scheduled for 18 March 2020, at the 24th Sofia IFF. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, it had to be cancelled. It will now take place on 8 October during the forthcoming autumn edition of the festival, mainly focused on new Bulgarian films.

    Production Information:

    Nach-Zach Vision
    Atanas Marinov
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    Director: Ivan Tscherkelov
    Scriptwriter: Ivan Tscherkelov
    DoP: Rali Ralchev
    Cast: Alexander Triffonov, Silva Milkovska, Ivan Dinev