FNE at Golden Rose National Film Festival 2021: Fish Bone

    Deyan Donkov in Fish Bone by Dragomir Sholev Deyan Donkov in Fish Bone by Dragomir Sholev

    VARNA: Dragomir Sholev’s third feature film Fish Bone will screen in the main competition of the 39th Golden Rose National Film Festival (23 – 29 September 2021). The film is a Bulgarian/Romanian coproduction supported by Eurimages.

    Dragomir Sholev, Emanuela Dimitrova and Georgi Merdjanov wrote the script focusing on a sea campsite concessionaire, who finds yet another body of a dead dolphin on the beach. Discovering that in its belly there are bullet-like holes, he refuses to bury it. This brings many institutions to the beach, unable or unwilling to break the case, and the camping inhabitants get involved in one way or another.

    „The idea for the film dates back to 2013, but due to bureaucratic problems of various kinds, the funding and the production were carried out over a long period of time, including the slowdown we had to go through in 2020, when the film industry was hit by the anti COVID-19 constraints”, producer Rossitsa Valkanova told FNE. This is the fourth coproduction of KLAS Film with Romanian partner Ada Solomon. Răzvan Rădulescu, who was scriptwriter on Dragomir Sholev’s debut feature Shelter (produced by KLAS in 2010), joined the project as script consultant.

    Bulgaria’s KLAS coproduced the film with Romania’s Hi Film Productions. The Bulgarian National Television and the Romanian Television are also involved. Postproduction was carried out by Romania’s Avanpost.

    Popular Deyan Donkov is the lead, next to newcomers Suzy Radichkova and Valentin Andreev – Rafe.

    Sholev shot the film on the Black sea Krapets beach in September-October 2019. The budget amounts to circa 900,000 EUR with 130,000 EUR coming from Eurimages. The Bulgarian National Film Center and the Romanian Film Centre (CNC) also supported.

    The domestic release is planned for the spring of 2022. Alpha Violet is handling the international sales.

    Production Information:

    KLAS Film (Bulgaria)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Bulgarian National Television
    Hi Film Productions (Romania)
    Romanian Television (TVR) (Romania)
    Avanpost (Romania)

    Director: Dragomir Sholev
    Scriptwriters: Dragomir Sholev, Emanuela Dimitrova, Georgi Merdjanov
    DoP: Nenad Boroevich
    Music: Nikola Gruev – Kottarashky
    Cast: Deyan Donkov, Suzy Radichkova, Valentin Andreev - Rafe