FNE at 40th Anniversary Golden Rose FF: The Tesla Case

    The Tesla Case by Andrey Hadjivasilev The Tesla Case by Andrey Hadjivasilev Courtesy of Golden Rose FF

    VARNA: Andrey Hadjivasilev’s children’s film The Tesla Case, produced by Incomes Project, will screen in the main competition of the 40th Anniversary Golden Rose National Film Festival (23 – 29 September 2022). The film is a sequel of the 2017 The Curie Case, created and produced by the same team.

    The main teen characters Tony and Raya have now grown by a few years. Tony continues his scientific adventures, this time in the field of wireless electricity. He believes that the device he invented will solve the world's energy crisis.

    Victoria Penkova wrote the script focusing on the children’s ability of surviving in the wild at a scout camp.

    “I am a big fan of children's and family cinema. In nearly all my projects over the years, musical clips and commercials, I have worked with children and I got convinced that there is chemistry between us. Therefore, I decided to go ahead and specialise myself in children's features,” said Hadjivasilev, who has been a member of the European Children's Film Association (ECFA) since 2021.

    Young Martin Paounov is once again starring as Tony. Newcomer Polly Ivanova plays Raya, surrounded by over 30 children, cast from among 500. Scouts from the towns of Shumen and Varna also took part in the shooting. Famous veteran star Lyuben Chatalov was cast in a special role of a mysterious character. 

    Shooting took place in a mountainous camp at the Vitosha Park, near Sofia. 

    In 2019, the producer Incomes Project was granted 200,000 EUR by the Bulgarian National Film Center for the project, which it produced in coproduction with Bulgarian Revive Vision.

    Alexandra Films will start the theatrical release of The Tesla Case on 7 April 2023.

    Production Information:

    Incomes Project (Bulgaria)
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    Revive Vision (Bulgaria)

    Director: Andrey Hadjivasilev
    Scriptwriter: Viktoria Penkova
    DoP: Bozhidar Simeonov
    Composer: George Strezov
    Cast: Martin Paunov, Polly Ivanova, Boris Minkov, Raya Georgieva, Fani Uzunova, Yoan Stoykov, Dean Stoykov, Neda Spasova, Martin Ghiaurov, Lyuben Chatalov, Nikolay Varbanov