Moving Films from Paper to Screen


    NICOSIA: Cypriot director, journalist, film critic and poet Longinos Panagi is currently running a film seminar on various stages of filmmaking in Nicosia until 30 March 2018.

    paper to screen workshop 2018Longinos Panagi will touch on the art of storytelling and scriptwriting by explaining how an idea can become a script and how the characters and dialogue can make for a successful script. He will continue by breaking down the production process of making a film – funding, partner selection and the final cut, including the cinematography and the editing. Lastly, he will talk about the aesthetics and techniques to be considered when making a film.

    Panagi studied journalism in Cyprus and film directing in Athens and Prague. He has written two poetry collections, a novel and a play. He has just completed his first feature film Clementine, produced by Roll-Out Vision Services Ltd.